A case study in modern, seamless onboarding.

The Client

The Client

Delta Dental onboards nearly 1,110 employees each year. Their former onboarding process consisted of greeting new employees with a 137-page stack of paperwork on their first day. New hires would spend 2-3 hours plodding through those pages, which wasn’t exactly the best first impression.

In addition, there wasn’t a formal communication process in place after the background check.  Some new hires received information about where to go and who to meet on the first day, but others did not. It just depended on the process of the individual hiring manager or recruiter.

Delta Dental was tasked with maintaining paper copies of all the onboarding paperwork, which became an inefficient nightmare to maintain. With separate union and non-union experiences, multiple offices, and an entirely manual, paperwork-driven process it became increasingly difficult to manage in a consistent and effective way.

It also became clear to Delta Dental that employee error filling out paperwork during the manual process could lead to inaccuracies that would impact an employee’s first experience with the organization that could be attributed to employee error while filling out the paperwork.

This entirely manual process was time consuming, error-prone, and most troubling – it didn’t engage new hires. They felt like their new hires were just falling into a black hole between when they accepted the offer and their first day.

The Challenge

The Challenge

  • Onboarding 1,110 new employees each year
  • A manual process that involved a 137-page onboarding packet
  • Inconsistent communication with new hires
  • A poor employee onboarding experience
The Need

The Need

The need for a centralized, cutting edge, digital system became very apparent as Delta Dental began to grow in 2017. They wanted to transform their dated onboarding process into a modern experience that made new hires feel great about joining their organization. They wanted a crisp, clean user experience that was automated, mobile-first, and e-signature enabled. The solution also needed to seamlessly integrate with their ATS and HRIS to ensure data accuracy as the employee information flowed through the system. Most of all, they wanted their new employees to feel like part of the team before they even got there on their first day.

The Outcome

Improved Employee ExperienceNew hires could zip through the onboarding process on their phone in under twenty minutes – an 89% reduction in time! The intuitive, guided process helped employees easily complete every required form.

Decreased HR Time: Their HR team saved ~45 hours per week (2,340 hours per year), enabling them to focus on their mission of improving the employee experience, instead of being bogged down by manual, non-value add administrative tasks.

Curated New Hire Experience: Delta Dental’s employees vary by location, level, and job type. Click Boarding’s solution automatically curates the onboarding process for each employee – so no matter their situation, each employee gets the right onboarding experience, every time.

Increased Data Security & Compliance: All employee data is now secured in a centralized location that is SOC 2 Type 2 and GDPR compliant. They no longer need to worry about any inconsistent onboarding paperwork or process being followed.

"If you’re looking to streamline and automate your onboarding process, Click Boarding is an easy-to-implement solution with great feedback from end users. It’s helped us tremendously with staying on top of compliance changes, form inventory, and data security – especially with multiple locations and remote employees."

Amanda Green, Talent Acquisition Operations Leader

Delta Dental