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Empowerment through HR Automation

Put the human back in HR and automate the rest. Seamless workflows all in one platform so your employees can find purpose in their work.

An onboarding and employee experience platform

Click Boarding is an employee experience platform providing modern, compliant HR solutions that impact employee growth and retention.

What to Expect

Core Features

Click Boarding’s mobile-first, cross-device platform is the turnkey solution you’ve been waiting for. Our DNA is part experience, scalability and compliance.

  • Guided, Intuitive Experiences
  • Seamless, mobile-first access
  • Intuitive, IT-friendly APIs
  • Employee lifecycle capabilities
  • Unmatched Data Security
  • Proprietary eSignature
  • SOC2 Type 2 Compliance
  • Seamless Workflow Orchestration
  • Self-service for full configuration

In a world where ROI is everything, numbers matter.

999 %

The percentage of employee turnover in 2020 that could have been prevented by the employer.

Work Institute

999 %

Employees who experience positive onboarding’s likelihood to remain with employer for 3 years.

Recruiting Daily

999 %

Reduction in employee attrition rate of companies rated highly on employee onboarding & training.


Optimal Onboarding. Real-time Retention.

With Click, you get more. Every step of the way.

  • Deliver fully-guided, high touch employee experiences that start with onboarding.
  • Enable modern, orchestrated employee transitions at every turn for realized retention.
  • Empower employees via self-service and access to the industry’s best tools and tech professionals.

Robust Integrations

Augment & extend existing HR tech solutions.

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Learn how onboarding impacts engagement, productivity and retention.

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We Love Our Customers

“Our onboarding process used to be a hassle with state tax forms, compliance documentation, and new hires having difficulty accessing our forms. Click Boarding has made it easy for new hires to complete their forms with a modern interface and digital signature functionality… It’s been great working with them!”
AVP, Sr. Manager HR Technology Human Resource Fortune 500 Financial Firm

Awards & Accolades

Recognized by industry-leading associations.

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