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Impress. Invest. Inspire.

How leading enterprises beat their competition by building personalized onboarding experiences and focusing on retention from the very start.

Impress. Invest. Inspire.

How leading enterprises beat their competition by building personalized onboarding experiences and focusing on retention from the very start.

In a world where ROI is everything, numbers matter.


The percentage of employee turnover in 2020 that could have been prevented by the employer. [Work Institute]


HR leaders cited employee turnover and employee retention as two of their top organizational challenges. (Globoforce)


Employees who experience positive onboarding are more likely to remain with their employer for 3 years. (Recruiting Daily)


Companies rated highly on employee onboarding & training saw this reduction in their employee attrition rate. (LinkedIn)

Get the modern tech you’ve been missing.

Click Boarding’s mobile-first, cross-device platform is the turnkey solution you’ve been waiting for. Our DNA is part experience, scalability and compliance.

Guided, intuitive experiences

Employee lifecycle capabilities

SOC 2 Type 2 Compliance

Seamless, mobile-first access


Unmatched data security

Seamless workflow orchestration

Intuitive, IT-friendly APIs


Proprietary eSignature

Self-service for full configuration


Introducing ClickRetain: Your Employee Retention Solution

Actively retaining employees is how to win the war on talent. It’s about maximizing the investment you’re making in your team members from day 0, to 90 days, six months and throughout their tenure. And with ClickRetain’s pre-packaged pulse checks, you can put retention on autopilot.

Are you ready to impress, delight and retain your employees?

Consider it done. We’re only a click away.

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Learn how onboarding impacts engagement, productivity and retention.

Is Your Employee Experience (EX) Holistic?

Is Your Employee Experience (EX) Holistic?

What is employee experience? U.S. companies have been prioritizing employee experience (EX) en masse, particularly throughout the pandemic, and especially now. But what is EX exactly? Gallup defines employee experience as “the journey an employee takes with your...

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2021 HR Tech Outlook – Onboarding Award

2021 HR Tech Outlook – Onboarding Award

An onboarding leader... 2 years in a row! Last year, in the midst of a global pandemic, Click Boarding was recognized by HR Tech Outlook as one of 2020's Top Employee Onboarding Solution Providers. In the thrills of recapping this exciting feat, we stated that change...

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Masterclassing Presentation: The Importance of Retention

Masterclassing Presentation: The Importance of Retention

Masterclassing Presentation: The Importance of Retention TodayRecognize the impact of retention & start getting it RIGHT. We’re willing to bet that retention is on your balanced scorecard, as the need to retain talent has become key to success in today’s complex...

With Click, you get more. Every step of the way.

Elevated Experiences

Elevated Experiences

Deliver modern, guided employee lifecycle experiences for instant and long-lasting impressions.

Impact by Design

Impact by Design

Transform employees from new hires to loyal advocates via intuitive workflows at key milestones.

Backed by Experts

Backed by Experts

Friendly and honest world-class technology and compliance experts with you at every turn.

Click Case Studies

Progressive, enterprise-level companies choose Click Boarding. 

A fast-growing and global software organization.
A fast-growing and global software organization
The nation’s leading provider of dental insurance
The nation’s leading provider of dental insurance
A global organization focused on a wide range of insurance, banking and financial services
A multi-national insurance and banking corporation
A global Fortune 500  financial firm.
A global Fortune 500 financial institution

Awards & Accolades

Recognized by industry-leading associations.

HR Tech Outlook Engagement Award
Enterprise Tech Success Award
HR Tech Outlook Onboarding Award
iSmart Recruit Award
Unleash Award

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One of our most essential tools
To this day we’re still incredibly impressed with how it has streamlined our new hire process so much that onboarding a remote worker is just as easy as onboarding someone in the office.
– Jesse B., HR Corporate Recruiter

Great customer service
Click boarding is user friendly and easy to use. There are always several changes throughout the year and their platform makes it easy to keep up with. New employees love the ease of use.
– Michelle W., HR Sr. Staffing Specialist

Streamlined our process
It has allowed our process to be completely paperless. Now no one is hand entering data and there is no more missing paperwork….and we don’t have to track people down and ask for papers any more.
– HR Administrator, Engineering

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Augment & extend existing HR tech solutions.

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