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Strategic benefits that impact your bottom line. By design.

Engaging Experiences

Modern employee experiences are a must. It’s the difference between underwhelmed and overjoyed, and it can’t be overlooked in today’s environment. An engaging, personalized experience will ensure employees feel welcome, valued and comfortable from day one onward. Click has you covered:
Engaging Experiences

  • Rich and intuitively guided employee experiences
  • Flexible workflow processes that engage at critical moments
  • Complete, end-to-end employee transition capabilities
Security & Compliance

Remove paper and eliminate redundancy from the entire onboarding process by making form captures like I-9, W-4 and eVerify digital, intuitive and progressively smarter at every turn. Since Click Boarding was built on a foundation of compliance, foolproof data security & integrity are simply in our DNA:
Security & Compliance

  • Fully compliant, proprietary eSignature
  • Full compliance via SOC 2 Type 2 & GDPR
  • Unmatched data security for full peace of mind
Seamless Integrations

Click plays well with others by augmenting & extending your current tech stack. Our platform complements existing HR systems with open and accessible structure for easy integration.
Seamless Integrations

  • Seamless integrations across tech ecosystems (ATS, HRIS, LMS)
  • Automatic initiation of provisioning, screening and other applications
  • Flexibility of choice via flat files, APIs and partner-led integrations
  • Access to a robust, full suite of IT-friendly APIs

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Automation & Efficiency

Click Boarding puts engagement workflows on autopilot via intuitive workflow orchestration. Eliminate the endless burden and monotony on HR by introducing paperless, fully-digital employee experience processes, scalable for the enterprise:
Automation & Efficiency

  • Flexible self-service for full configuration
  • Seamless & personalized workflow management
  • A central location for important documents and easy form completion to help employees feel supported
  • The ability for both employer and employee to track progress
  • Increase efficiency and productivity to accelerate business growth
Retention & Growth

Onboarding can be described as the direct bridge between the promise of new employee talent and the attainment of actual productivity. When employees experience best-in-class transitions, they become engaged and empowered for the long-haul:
Retention & Growth

  • Impact new hire first-year growth and retention
  • Build trust and provide an avenue for open communication
  • Foster employee engagement and connectivity
  • Enhance job satisfaction and retention
Remote First

Organizations of every size understand the future of work demands more flexible, remote team structures. You need a solution that builds unique experiences for full-time, part-time, remote, contingent, freelance and gig workers. Click sets the standard in remote onboarding:

  • Mobile-first access anywhere, anytime
  • Build flexible workflows with custom messages to keep employees of all types up-to-date
  • A centralized platform with secure, personalized access to sensitive information
  • Connect with employees securely and seamlessly across all devices
The numbers don’t lie.

A strategic onboarding and employee experience strategy pays off.

999 %

Companies with an engaging onboarding program retained 91% of their first-year workers.


999 %

Companies with an efficient onboarding process enjoyed a 60% year-over-year improvement in revenue.

Business Management Daily

999 %

Companies rated highly on employee onboarding and training saw 53% lower attrition.


999 %

Standardized onboarding results in a 50% increase in productivity.

Harvard Business Review

Comprehensive White Paper

The 5 W’s of Employee Retention

Our research-based, fact-packed white paper breaks down the ins and outs of retention and offers viable recommendations to help fix the turnover tangle at your organization.

Key Sections

  • Who it impacts
  • What employees want most
  • When employee turnover occurs
  • Where turnover is happening
  • Why employees are leaving
Trust your HR colleagues

A testimonial from the Click user community.

“I have seen our onboarding process go from a bland mundane fill out these forms to an informative site that not only provides the forms that are needed but information regarding our benefits and our company.”

HR Manager Freight Railroad Network in North America
The Click Difference

Why Choose Us?

We provide empowerment from the start, giving you full access & self-service to do it yourself. If you choose not to, we’re always here.

  • Product Updates: Continuous functionality improvements provide self-service.
  • “Train the Trainer”: Our mentality throughout implementation so you’re fully empowered.
  • Resource Center: Helpful articles and video tutorials for your ongoing reference.
  • Release Notes: Feature enhancement alerts to keep you updated on the fly.
  • Ideas Portal: Submit ideas and vote on functionality improvements direct to our product team.

Ready to See it in Action?

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