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Internal Transitions

Transfers & Crossboards

You’ve heard the benefits behind preboarding and onboarding new hires. But why stop there? Your employees expect more from day 0 through their entire tenure at your organization. And it’s your job to keep them engaged, motivated and retained. It’s time you maximized on the investment you’re making in your employees throughout their entire journey.

Transition employees throughout their complete lifecycle

  • Ensure consistency as employees move up and around the organization via promotions and lateral moves.
  • Support geographic relocations and departmental shifts based on location and function.
  • Update state wage notifications and tax implications as needed (if applicable, federal & state regulatory compliance).
  • Facilitate employee comfort levels with their new team.
  • Administer policies and tasks tied to departmental considerations.

Solutions to propel you forward.

Engaging ExperiencesEngaging Experiences

Carry elevated experiences into lateral and upward transitions to re-invigorate employees. So no matter where they transition, they’re engaged and eager to hit the ground running.

Automation & EfficiencyAutomation & Efficiency

Set your team members up for success through automated workflows that expedite their transition. As a result, your now seasoned employees will start adding value to their new position in no time.

Retention & GrowthRetention & Growth

Transitions are pivotal moments to invest in your employees by ensuring a smooth experience that puts them first. So they know you have their back throughout their career development.

Click Boarding Internal Transfers
Click Boarding Internal Transfers

Timely Transition Facts

999 %

Employees stay 41% longer at companies with high internal hiring compared to those with low internal hiring.


999 %

81% of talent professionals agree that internal recruiting improves retention, accelerates new-hire productivity (69%), and accelerates hiring process (63%).


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Tactical Takeaways from Team Click

“When it comes to transitions within an organization, it can be challenging to automate those tasks and communicate efficiently with the employee. Whether it’s a promotion, department transfer or relocation, Click Boarding has you covered throughout the entire employee journey.”

Michelle Click Engagement Expert

“Click Boarding allows you the ability to manage candidates as they become employees. Whether that is via timed communications or actionable items, we have the capability to manage employees through many stages of their career.”

Kevin Click Engagement Expert

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