A case study in modern, intuitive onboarding.

The Client

The Client

A fast growing global software company.

The Challenge

The Challenge

  • Global company with multiple onboarding solutions.
  • Difficulty finding an onboarding solution that was universally appealing, had the necessary functionality, and could handle the compliance requirements for each country.
  • Tremendous internal resistance to change.
The Need

The Need

  • A modern, intuitive onboarding solution that was so good it compelled those reluctant to change to embrace it.
  • Customizable for country-specific requirements and multiple workflows.
  • Compatibility with ATS and other HR Systems.
  • A cohesive onboarding solution so every employee, regardless of country, would have the same experience.

The Outcome

Standardized Global Onboarding: The modern and intuitive employee experience resonated across global locations, allowing the company to introduce a consistent and standard onboarding process for colleagues around the world.  While workflows, compliance demands and administrative requirements are unique to each function and location, employees now share a common cultural experience while the time and resources required from HR have been significantly reduced.

Guided Process and Personalized Workflow: Employees are guided through the onboarding process in a linear workflow for their specific job, department, location and other criteria, ensuring each document and task is completed without involvement from the onboarding team. The result is a dramatic decrease in errors and considerable time savings.

Improved Data Security and Compliance: Data security and Personally Identifiable Information (PII) protection are at the core of Click Boarding. Security and compliance standards from the EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and Click Boarding’s Soc2Type2 start before an employee even logs in and is embedded in every step of the way to help safeguard the employee’s personal information.

Exceptional Customer Service: Click Boarding’s dedicated implementation team collaborated with the client onboarding team to align workflows with specific global requirements, and created custom modules to meet the client’s unique needs while ensuring an extraordinary employee experience.