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Hear From the Clicksters

“I joined Click Boarding because I believe in the technology with vision to solve employers onboarding needs.  My previous experience was working in employee benefits software and servicing.  While many employers are bolstering their benefit offerings to recruit and retain staff, they miss out on the employee experience.  Click Boarding is the software that bridges the gap to complete and expand on the first and lasting impression of an employee.  It is truly exciting to work on the cutting edge and be part of something special.”

Ryan Mohr Senior Project Manager, Click Boarding

“Being part of the Click Boarding team and being able to share my passions for onboarding on a daily basis is exciting. To be able to not only alleviate some pain for the HR practitioner’s on the daily but also customize the way a new hire comes into that company feeling confident and knowledgeable, the feeling is contagious. I look forward to each company we get to partner with and lead them to the future of their onboarding of new hires.”

Abby Clausen Strategic Partnership Manager, Click Boarding

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