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Employee Transition Use Cases

Employee Transition Use Cases

Optimize employee transitions

As an HR practitioner, you realize the value in delivering intentional, automated experiences throughout the entire employee lifecycle. But how do you apply it in “real life” at your organization? And how do you align onboarding with your internal mobility efforts to increase the opportunities early within a new hire’s career?

Click can show you how!

It starts with ROI and defining your goals

When it comes to HR technology investments, ROI is everything. Thankfully, the case for optimal onboarding and employee experiences is clearer now than it’s ever been before. Let’s break it down:

Time SavedTime Saved

A focus on busy work and menial tasks leads to lost time and profit. With automation, processes are deployed at scale to reduce noise and offer time back for value-driving activities.

Automation & EfficiencyEnhanced Compliance

Data security provided with SOC 2 Type 2 and GDPR compliance; risk prevention through the use of proper policies; auditable personnel files for complete peace of mind.

Business EfficiencyBusiness Efficiency

Every day and or even every hour, employees contribute to your organization’s bottom line via revenue. Prevent lost time to productivity from adding up over time.

Use Case Success Stories

Now you can reimagine employee experiences while making a true impact on your bottom line, with help from Click Boarding. Let our highly engaging, optimal transitions inspire your future workflows!

Food Manufacturing

A family owned and operated food production company offering an extensive portfolio of products commonly found at the local grocery.

  • Industry: Food Manufacturing
  • Annual Hires: 5,000
  • Locations Serviced: USA
  • ATS: Smart Recruiters
  • HRIS: Workday
    • Eliminated compliance risks
    • Reduced significantly the work to be done by administrative teams on the onboarding process
    • Reduced time to onboard, creating a more productive workforce faster
    • Provide visibility across onboarding process, with data points to support it

Oil & Gas

A full range of integrated engineering, construction, maintenance, integrity and specialty services that span the entire oil and gas lifecycle.

  • Industry: Oil & Gas
  • Annual Hires: 4,000
  • Locations Serviced: USA
  • ATS: Workday
  • HRIS: Workday
    • An unbelievable 85% reduction in the time required by administrative teams
    • A decreased length of time to onboard new hires, creating a more productive, efficient workforce in significantly less time
    • Created visibility across the entire employee onboarding process with supporting data

Use Case Spotlight

Recently, a professional services client of ours cut down their onboarding time by 86%, or 12 days based on their business. If we assume a potential revenue of $500 per employee per day, that equates to $6K of potential revenue unseen per employee. Multiply that across multiple team members, and it becomes astronomical.

Employee Transition Use Cases

Mobile Experiences

Employee engagement remains top of mind in today’s workforce dynamic. That’s why seamless and intuitive, engaging workflows are more important than ever. See first-hand how employees experience mobile-first transitions in a fashion that’s fully guided for ease and simplicity.

Preboarding & Onboarding
Deliver top-notch, fully guided employee experiences that set the stage for candidates to become new hires.

Effortless Experiences
Enable countless opportunities for moments that keep team members delighted, engaged and on board.

Offboarding & Exits
Ensure empathetic offboarding for a seamless exit experience employees will look back on fondly.

Employee Touchpoints
Capture and measure employee sentiment with Click Retain, delivered by automated, strategic touchpoints.

View Past Webinars

Preboarding & Onboarding

Discover the possibilities to engage with new hires before Day 1 including employment documentation, preboarding activities and task management.

Crossboarding & One-time Activities

Experience post-Day 1 engagement opportunities from sign-offs and policies to system access and team introductions. With our multi-media content sharing, the sky’s the limit!


Realize the importance of intentional exit experiences. Learn how to leverage data and asset collection to support procurement, provisioning, and sharing of critical resources.

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