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Re-hiring or Re-entry to the office

Regardless of whether you’re transitioning your employees from home to office, lifting a long-awaited furlough or some combination of these factors, reboarding your team takes a conscious effort. Your employees are learning to cope in an unprecedented time, and there are very real concerns to address. However it’s HR’s opportunity to lead through these challenges and reassure your staff. To do so, you’ll need a seamless process that shares information with your employees in a consistent manner that’s compliant, configurable and conscientious.

Reel in your workforce with a seamless reboarding process

  • Alleviate pressure & provide peace-of-mind to your workforce.
  • Address fears & concerns with an authentic message from leadership.
  • Communicate procedures and guidelines around compliance & safety measures.
  • Capture sign-off on protocols for record keeping.
  • Ask for feedback via “Return to Work” surveys.

Outcomes you can rely on.

Engaging ExperiencesEngaging Experiences

Automated experiences that offer two-way communication foster true engagement. So you can help your employees prepare while seeking real-time feedback.

Automation & EfficiencyAutomation & Efficiency

With Click Boarding’s Action Center, quickly see who’s done what and when they did it in order to stay focused on priorities and prevent bottlenecks before they happen.

Retention & GrowthRetention & Growth

Share branded content and resources throughout the experience to maintain employee loyalty during this pivotal time.


Digitally collect employee authorization on new policies and procedures in a seamless fashion using Click’s proprietary eSignature capabilities.

Click Boarding Reboarding
Click Boarding Reboarding

The Realities of Reboarding

999 %

Less than half of employees strongly agreed that their immediate supervisor kept them informed about what was going on in the organization as a result of COVID-19.


999 %

A survey Gartner conducted with 127 company leaders in 2020 found that only 30 percent of those leaders were concerned about maintaining corporate culture with a hybrid work model.


Reboard the right way with these resources.

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Tactical Takeaways from Team Click

“Whether it’s the re-hiring of a seasonal employee or a boomerang employee who wants to rejoin the team of a great company, Click Boarding can make the re-hiring process easy with familiar steps and auto-population of already provided details.”

Dan Click Engagement Expert

“Maternity leave, military leave or family medical leave should be easy to re-join your company. Click Boarding can easily facilitate the paperwork of bringing your best employees back to work.”

Elisha Click Engagement Expert

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