Efficiency, Integration, and Exceptional Support Redefining Employee Onboarding

The Client

The Client

Feld Entertainment stands as a global powerhouse in live touring family entertainment. Established in 1956, the company has consistently evolved with the times, offering captivating experiences that have touched audiences across over 50 countries. With over 1,200 employees, Feld’s operations are vast, headquartered in Florida but reaching far and wide.

  • Industry: Live Entertainment (Motorsports, Ice Shows, Touring Shows)
  • Headquarters: Ellenton, Florida, USA
  • Global Reach: Over 50 countries
  • Employees: Over 1,200 professionals
  • Mission: “To create memories and moments that light up arenas, stadiums, stages, homes, and hearts around the world.”
  • Shows Include:
    • Ringling Bros. and Barnum & Bailey Circus
    • Monster Jam
    • Monster Energy AMA Supercross
    • Disney On Ice
    • Marvel Universe LIVE!
    • Jurassic World Live Tour
    • Super Moto Cross X World Championship
The Challenge

The Challenge

Like all companies, FELD Entertainment hires many employees on an annual basis to make up their workforce of over 1,200 professionals. Unlike many corporations, however, FELD is in the business of hiring and rehiring seasonal talent to support their project-based entertainment shows. From an HR perspective, that can pose quite a challenge when it comes to employee onboarding and engagement practices. Especially in 2019, when FELD, like so many others, was on a paper-based employee onboarding program.

At the time, FELD organized a task force of individuals across their businesses to find and deploy a modern employee onboarding solution. This group included HR professionals and well as representatives from IT and management. The goal was to get the organization onto an automated onboarding technology platform and ultimately – in their words – into the 21st century.

When the idea originally came up to invest in an automated onboarding platform, there was an extreme level of excitement across the organization. In response, the task force knew they had to deliver. And they certainly did. In fact, when they set out on their journey, they didn’t anticipate the true impact it would have on their business.

Just a few short years later, we had the privilege to interview not one… not two… but three FELD Entertainment employees involved in the selection, implementation, and administration of the Click Boarding solution. The task force included a Talent Acquisition Manager, an HRIS Analyst, and a true Hiring Manager on the Touring Team, to provide a business lens of the daily realities of working for FELD.

This group of diverse team members shared a common goal to drastically improve the new hire onboarding experience. As members of unique functions at FELD, they each had particular needs based on their departmental responsibilities. Their project started off in defining these key requirements. Their non-negotiables – if you will – that had to be met.


The Need

The Need

Some of their unique needs were:

The Outcome

FELD Entertainment underwent a thorough search for an HR technology solution and selected Click Boarding due to several key factors:

Traditional Support Model:

  • Click Boarding’s support model provided by engagement experts across implementation, training, and long-term client success stood out for FELD.
  • They valued having HR tech professionals available to address any questions promptly.

Expedited Model with Records:

  • Click Boarding’s platform offers a balance of a pleasant employee experience with quick and foolproof processes.
  • Access to real-time, up-to-date documents was appreciated by employees, hiring managers, and HR, enhancing efficiency while maintaining security.

Convienant Integrations:

  • Click Boarding is seamlessly integrated with Lever platform and FELD’s existing HRIS system.
  • IT-friendly APIs provided a clean and simple solution, reducing the burden on FELD’s lean IT team.

Straightforward, Flexible Workflow Orchestration:

  • Click Boarding impressed FELD with its simple yet configurable functionality, accommodating unique departmental and international needs.
  • Customizable process flows by role allowed for advanced skip logic capabilities, streamlining information capture for different positions.

Impact to Business:

  • FELD experienced significant efficiency improvements in process expedition, cost savings, new hire productivity, and time allocation to value-added activities across HR, IT, and business operations.
  • While the exact ROI hasn’t been quantified, there’s confidence in cost savings attributed to the digitization and automation of outdated processes.

Exceptional Service Model:

  • Click Boarding’s service model, from sales to implementation to ongoing support, received high praise from FELD.
  • The responsiveness, access to resources, and dedication to solving unique problems were highlighted as exceptional.

Advice for Others:

  • FELD strongly recommends investing in a best-in-class onboarding solution, emphasizing the essential nature of digital onboarding for modernizing HR processes.
  • They advise considering unique business needs when comparing solutions and highlight Click Boarding’s guided processes and adjustability as key advantages.

Key Numbers and Stats:

  • FELD estimated a savings of 2-3 hours per hire, accounting for both employee and HR team time, resulting in 250 hours saved on average for 100 hires.
  • Efficiency improvements were noted across all functions, driven by the implementation of Click Boarding’s platform.
  • The service model provided by Click Boarding received consistent praise, showcasing its importance in the selection process and ongoing satisfaction with the solution.


“98% of the process is now done prior to new hires ever getting to me. It’s a huge help and time saver.”

FELD Business Leader