Transforming HR Efficiency: Customized Form Solutions in Senior Care

The Client

The Client

Christian Living Communities (CLC), a non-profit senior living organization, has served the South Denver metropolitan area since 1972. With the implementation of Click Boarding, their team has reduced the amount of administrative work for their hiring teams.

  • Total Employees: 850
  • Hiring Trends: 16% YoY
  • Locations: 11 locations headquartered in Englewood, CO
  • HRIS System: UKG
The Challenge

The Challenge

  • Complex preboarding process
  • Custom data capture fields
  • Manual HR processes
  • Time to recruit

When Christian Living Community (CLC) came to Click Boarding, they faced challenges related to compliance issues with their Colorado Adult Protective Services (CAPS) forms, inefficiencies in the preboarding process, and time-consuming manual new hire activities that took up time for their talent acquisition teams. Seeking to enhance their operations, CLC implemented a customized form solution to expedite these processes.

  1. Compliance Gaps with CAPS Forms: Crucial for regulatory adherence and reporting, the CAPS forms often lead to gaps in information or inaccuracies. Because this is a highly intricate form required before day one, talent acquisition was stuck going back to candidates multiple times to ask for revisions before the form could be submitted.
  2. Inefficient Preboarding Process: Recruiters manually stepped in to help the forms process, diverting their attention from strategic recruitment efforts.
  3. Manual Processes in HR Team Meetings: Discussions in HR team meetings often revolved around streamlining forms for recruits, reflecting the ongoing challenges posed by manual work processes.
  4. Consistency between Locations: With 11 locations, a simple and unified onboarding process was important to improve efficiency during recruiting.


The Need

The Need

The unique needs of Christian Living Community (CLC) revolve around the complexities of managing a non-profit senior living organization with 11 locations in the south Denver metropolitan area. As a non-profit entity serving senior citizens since 1972, CLC faces specific challenges that require tailored solutions:

  1. Regulatory Compliance: CLC must adhere to stringent regulatory requirements, particularly concerning Colorado Adult Protective Services (CAPS) forms, due to the vulnerable population they serve. Customized solutions are necessary to ensure compliance with these regulations and maintain the highest standards of care and safety for residents.
  2. Complex Preboarding Processes: The nature of CLC’s work demands thorough preboarding processes to ensure that new hires are well-prepared to provide quality care to residents. Custom data capture fields are essential to gather specific information relevant to senior care, such as medical certifications and specialized training.
  3. Consistency Across Locations: With multiple locations, maintaining consistency in onboarding processes is crucial to providing a standardized experience for employees and ensuring seamless operations across all facilities. Customized solutions help CLC achieve this consistency while accommodating the unique requirements of each location.
  4. Efficiency in Recruiting and Onboarding: CLC’s commitment to providing exceptional care requires efficient recruiting and onboarding processes to quickly onboard qualified staff members. Streamlining manual processes and reducing administrative burdens are essential to expedite hiring and ensure adequate staffing levels at all times.

The Outcome

The ongoing benefits experienced by Christian Living Community (CLC) following the implementation of Click Boarding’s customized solution have been instrumental in transforming their HR and compliance operations. These benefits include:

  • Improved Compliance Adherence: CLC has seen a significant improvement in compliance adherence, particularly concerning Colorado Adult Protective Services (CAPS) forms. By streamlining the form submission process and reducing errors, CLC can ensure regulatory compliance more efficiently, minimizing risks and potential legal issues.
  • Enhanced Efficiency in Preboarding: The preboarding process at CLC has become more efficient, with reduced manual intervention required from recruiters. Automated workflows and customized form solutions have expedited the onboarding process, allowing new hires to start contributing to CLC’s mission sooner.
  • Reduced Administrative Burden: With automated workflows and customized form solutions, CLC has experienced a reduction in administrative tasks for their HR team. This reduction in manual work not only saves time but also allows HR professionals to focus on strategic initiatives and employee engagement efforts.
  • Consistency Across Locations: The implementation of a unified onboarding process has ensured consistency across all 11 CLC locations. This standardization not only improves efficiency during recruiting but also provides a seamless experience for new hires, regardless of their location within the organization.
  • Improved Data Accuracy: Customized data capture fields and automated processes have led to improved data accuracy for CLC. By reducing manual data entry errors, Click Boarding’s solution has helped CLC maintain accurate employee records and payroll information, minimizing discrepancies and potential financial implications.
  • Integration with HRIS Systems: Integration with CLC’s HRIS system, UKG, has facilitated data transfer and streamlined processes further. This integration ensures that employee information is accurately captured and transferred between systems, reducing duplication of effort and enhancing overall operational efficiency.

So what?

The unique needs of large companies make it difficult to apply a “one-size-fits-all” approach to preboarding and onboarding. Yet with most HRIS systems, this is a common occurrence.

With custom solutions, like the usage of custom forms with CLC, administrative tasks can be significantly shortened. Click Boarding’s ability to customize any workflow makes it easy for onboarding to adjust to the needs of your company – not the other way around.

Kelly Denning, the Director of Talent Acquisition, reports that the adoption of a custom CAPS form has notably decreased the necessity for recruiters to revisit recruits to rectify errors, consequently eliminating the need for it to be a recurring topic in team meetings.

Kelly Denning

Director of Talent Acquisition