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Pivotal Transitions

There’s a pivotal moment in mergers and acquisitions (M&As) when acquired employees are onboarded into the new parent company. It’s a golden opportunity to engage these employees, make them feel like a valued part of the team and introduce company values, expectations and more. But the stress of M&A changes can make employees anxious or nervous. Reduce the stress of these changes with Click’s structured and automated onboarding process.

Modern-day experiences for acquired employees

  • Enable the reorganization of teams and departments following mergers & acquisitions.
  • Introduce new team members to corporate culture.
  • Share key details on corporate structure, values and history.
  • Introduce performance review process, including expectations and timelines.
  • Assign a mentor to newly acquired employees for ongoing support.

Optimal employee experience outcomes.

Security & ComplianceSecurity & Compliance

Click takes data security to the next level with Service Organization Control (SOC) 2 Type 2 compliance. So your data is kept confidential and safe from fraud, identity theft, and more.

Seamless IntegrationsSeamless Integrations

Combining systems during M&As can be tough. Thankfully, Click can complement your existing HR technology systems with our open and accessible employee experience platform.

Retention & GrowthRetention & Growth

Take a retention-oriented approach as you engage with acquired employees. A focus on simplicity, transparency and support are key during this delicate time.

Engaging ExperiencesEngaging Experiences

On-brand, automated workflows present the perfect opportunity to get employees engaged into your culture and goals. Impress and delight them every step of the way.

Click Boarding mergers-and-acquisitions
Click Boarding mergers-and-acquisitions

Timely Transition Facts

999 %

The number of highly engaged employees decreases by 3% during mergers and acquisitions.

Quantum Workplace

999 %

47% of key employees leave a company within a year of the transaction and 75% leave within the first three years.


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Tactical Takeaways from Team Click

“Merger & Acquisitions are pivotal moments for organizations; They can be a sign of growth and success. However, for employees it can be a time of angst and confusion. M&A’s are very different than getting a new job or a promotion. Help your employees navigate through all this change so they can feel the excitement you do. A great way to do that is through the flawless execution of timely and consistent communication.”

Christine Click Engagement Expert

“When M&As occur, it is a stressful time for the newly acquired employee base. We have seen clients lessen anxiety of the unknown, while still moving recently acquired employees through our guided process flows. It’s a chance to provide warm welcomes and process flow road maps to employees who are onboarding as part of an acquisition, so they not only feel welcome, but to also dispel any concerns about not knowing where a given onboarding employee is in their process flows.”

Chad Click Engagement Expert

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