A case study in modern, mobile onboarding.

The Client

The Client

An American hospitality corporation focused on the franchising, management, and ownership of upscale to economy hotels.

The Challenge

The Challenge

  • Onboarding salaried and hourly employees across multiple sites and remote locations with a manual, paper-driven process.
  • Compliance with local and state tax requirements.
  • Engaging new employees between the offer letter and their first day.
The Need

The Need

A mobile-first onboarding solution that would streamline the process, engage new employees, and ensure compliance with state and local tax regulations.

The Outcome

Improved onboarding process: Click Boarding’s mobile-first solution enables new employees to complete all of the onboarding documentation before their first day. The guided workflow intuitively guides new employees through every step of the onboarding process. This greatly decreases errors and consolidates all sensitive employee documentation in a secure, central, cloud-based location.

Decreased onboarding time: The time HR spends on onboarding decreased from 6 hours per new employee to 30 minutes. In addition, the API interface between Click Boarding and their HRIS system automatically creates a new profile in their HRIS system, ensuring new employees can be paid on time. This step used to take days, depending on when HR was able to manually do it.

Increased Productivity: Employees, especially hourly employees, could begin actually working on the first day instead of spending hours on paperwork. 60% of their hourly candidates interacted with them via mobile during the hiring process so having a mobile-based onboarding process made it easy for the new employees to complete every step.

Increased Engagement: Prior to Click Boarding, new employees received an email with bullet points indicating what they needed to bring on the first day and then it was radio silence until they started. With Click Boarding, new employees are guided through the onboarding process, making them feel engaged with the company and helping them be more prepared for their first day.

Big Returns

  • 1,500 new hires onboarded yearly across locations
  • 91.7% reduction in time spent onboarding new employees
  • 60% of hourly candidates that interacted via mobile