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When it comes to HR processes, the act of employee offboarding often falls on the back burner, receiving little to no attention. While any organization that terms employees can say they offboard, few do so effectively. Whether you’re reducing your workforce, retiring team members or losing top talent on their own accord, it’s important to offboard with intention. After all, they say good companies can be measured by the way they treat employees on their way out. An effective offboarding program provides an effortless way to engage employees with a seamless, customized exit experience. It also makes the exit process much more efficient, streamlined and HR-compliant.

Compliant employee offboarding for a seamless and intuitive exit experience

  • Maintain supportive relationships with honest, thoughtful employee exits.
  • Facilitate smoother knowledge transfer and procurement requirements/safeguards.
  • Track and manage progress from the Click boarding Administrative Portal.
  • Create a return path for downstream opportunities with high performing boomerangs.
  • Enhance compliance and data security via a neutral third party platform.
  • Reinforce your alumni brand and referral.

Short and long-term business impacts.

Engaging ExperiencesEngaging Experiences

Ensure positive experiences, brand security and referral/rehire potential by leveraging Click’s unique portal with empathetic language & tone.

Security & ComplianceSecurity & Compliance

Click offers an efficient, compliant offboarding solution to meet the changing demands of today’s world. Next-level offboarding streamlines the administration of employee exits while creating a configurable experience that’s engaging for brand security and referral potential.

Seamless IntegrationsSeamless Integrations

Automatic initiation of provisioning and other applications to create and assign tasks for such things as asset retrieval and services shut off.


Lean on Click’s fully digital, customized offboarding URL & email messaging to make the exit process much more efficient, streamlined, and compliant for HR.

Click Boarding Offboarding
Click Boarding Offboarding

An Outlook on Offboarding

999 %

Only 29% of organizations have a formal offboarding process to transition employees out of an organization.


999 %

15% Employees who have boomeranged back to a former employer.

Workplace Trends

See the outcomes of offboarding with these easy-to-use templates.

involuntary offboarding documents

Free templates to get you started Involuntary offboarding as the result of a mass company layoff or workforce reduction...

5 Benefits of Effective Offboarding

The AHAs of employee offboarding. Alumni employees can be a great resource for referrals, boomerang as return employees, and...

Tactical Takeaways from Team Click

“When completing an involuntary off-board event, the emotions of the moment can get the best of the employee. Providing specific details about the required actions and sharing of documents via Click Boarding can allow the employee to process the action after the emotions have settled down.”

Dave Click Engagement Expert

“For employers addressing an involuntary off-board, the HR team or manager can focus on being empathetic towards the employee. Click Boarding can deliver the appropriate actions, documents and reminders 24 hours after the news has been delivered.”

Kristopher Click Engagement Expert

“Employee exists are becoming as strategic as new hire onboarding. Especially those regretted by the organization. Creating an Employee Alumni and ensuring the transfer out is handled as flawlessly as the introduction in is critical. It is the last opportunity you have to impact the impression one walks away with of your brand and how they represent or don’t represent your brand to others.”

Christine Click Engagement Expert

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