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Click Retain

Click Retain

Unlock the power of your team’s voice with Click Retain.

Start improving employee engagement and retention through automated touch points with employee retention software. Allow employers to quickly and easily gather valuable information, identify areas of improvement, and recognize when their processes are working.

Click Retain Software - HR Reporting
Click Retain Software - Employee Surveys

Gain insight into employee satisfaction and retention

Collect and analyze data on employee sentiment to provide your enterprise business with valuable insights that help improve the employee experience, increase engagement, and ultimately drive business success. Employee questions are based on a 7-point Likert scale so answers are easy to analyze and offer more accurate responses.

Increase retention through listening

  • Measure employee sentiment based on key benchmarks including company culture, fit within the company, and belonging.
  • Uncover valuable insights into the underlying motivations of your team through research-backed surveys.
  • Send informed offboarding exit surveys to gain insights on how your company can improve in the future.
  • Retention solution that’s fully integrated into Click’s employee engagement platform for easy access to candidates.
Click Retain Software - Chronological Reports
Click Retain - Employee Retention Software

Drive employee success through analytics

Increase employee retention in the most crucial year of an employee’s tenure – the first year – with confidential surveys. Gathering data from employee surveys can gain an understanding of how employees feel about their work, what motivates them, and the kinds of changes they anticipate. This means analytics can be used to identify areas of improvement in terms of employee engagement and motivation, which can then be addressed through more effective employee retention strategies.

Create a retention-first culture with Click Retain

Click Retain Employee Retention Software Employee TouchPointsEmployee Touchpoints

Create benchmarks across your company with Retain’s employee sentiment framework backed by research done by an IO Psychologist.

Click Retain Employee Retention Software Cadenced SurveysCadenced Surveys

Improve retention and employee engagement with measured feedback across key employment categories such as job type, role fit, and management role.

Click Retain Employee Retention Software Sentiment AnalysisSentiment Analysis

Provide valuable insight into how employees feel about their work environment and help identify areas for improvement from preboarding to offboarding.

Looking for More?

Intentional onboarding amplifies new hire excitement out of the gate for immediate affirmation. From there, comprehensive, science-backed surveys delivered at key intervals enable engagement for the long haul, driving commitment and loyalty. Click Retain provides actionable insights in real-time, uncovering trends to help you improve employee lifecycle experiences. Watch our demo to learn more!

Click Retain employee survey software
Click Retain Employee Retention and Survey Software in the office

Employee Retention Facts

999 %

Three out of every four employee turnovers can be preventable when you take the time to understand how your employees are doing at their job.

Work Institute

999 %

Turnover is expensive. The total cost of turnover per employee typically ranges from 100–300% of the individual’s salary.


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Tactical Takeaways from Team Click

“Click Retain is like a GPS for your workforce, providing valuable insights and direction on how to create positive and engaged work environments for your employees, especially during their critical first year with the company.”

Click Boarding Product manager Janette Kressler
Janette K Click Retain Expert

ClickRetain shows employers how they can move the needle and how they’ve improved retention and engagement year over year. The product looks at engagement from a chronological perspective AS WELL AS engagement across 14 key employee sentiments (feeling of belonging, relationship with manager, etc.) so that you can pinpoint the WHAT and the WHEN of issues that are occurring.

Danielle B Click Engagement Expert

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