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From “yes” to Day 1

Preboarding from Click reduces candidate anxiety prior to Day One. The excitement of the offer process often morphs into trepidation and doubt on behalf of the doe-eyed new hire. This is the crucial time to affirm confidence in their decision and begin fostering a positive connection between your organization and their career move.

Foolproof preboarding for complete peace of mind

  • Cross of paperwork from W4s and I-9s to eVerify in a quick, concise manner
  • Set first day expectations, alleviating anxiety and uncertainty
  • Share office details including directions, parking etc.
  • Be relevant & personal in your communications, putting your employees on the pathway to success

It’s time to impact your bottom line.

Automation & EfficiencyAutomation & Efficiency

Set up a workflow and push hundreds of candidates through the process. Click’s ‘set it and go’ model is fully automated and flexible, configurable to your needs.

Security & ComplianceSecurity & Compliance

Remove paper and eliminate redundancy from the entire onboarding process by making form captures digital, intuitive and progressively smarter at every turn.

Seamless IntegrationsSeamless Integrations

Click integrates seamlessly with existing tech solutions, augmenting and extending their current capabilities to enable a comprehensive HR suite.


Mobile-first, web-based and fully automated preboarding satisfies employees in all settings, leveling the playing field despite location.

Click Boarding HR Employee Preboarding
Click Boarding HR Employee Preboarding

Fast Preboarding Facts

999 %

HR managers surveyed who don’t capture onboarding information electronically spend three hours or more per employee manually collecting and processing the data.


999 %

More than one-third of employers don’t have a thorough, structured onboarding process for new hires.

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Tactical Takeaways from Team Click

“Our ultimate mission is to create the easiest and most empowering way for HR to deliver modern onboarding solutions while delivering exceptional experiences across the employee journey. And it all starts the moment your candidate says YES!”

Danielle B Click Engagement Expert

“When it comes to preboarding, we’ve all had bad experiences. When you finally receive a delightful one, it’s hard to forget! My favorite part of bringing on new team members is sending them a bio on each of their colleagues. It helps them get to know our team culture & start building connections out of the gate!”

Michelle G Click Engagement Expert

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