At Talent Acquisition Week 2024, Click Boarding had the privilege to participate in a Solution Showcase Showdown. To kick off this 7-minute speed session, attendees are welcomed by Michelle Graham, Director of Communications at Click Boarding. Excited to engage with HR professionals, Graham introduces Click Boarding, highlighting its pivotal role in modern HR practices.

Graham paints a scenario familiar to many: a new hire, Cliff, eagerly accepts an offer only to encounter a void of communication between acceptance and day one. Click Boarding steps in to bridge this gap, recognizing the crucial importance of preboarding in ensuring a smooth transition for new employees.

New hires like Cliff often face uncertainty and disconnection during preboarding, leading to potential challenges in retention and engagement metrics. This gap in engagement underscores the necessity for standardized and digitized preboarding processes, a need that Click Boarding addresses head-on.

Click Boarding offers more than just a solution for transitioning employees; it provides the foundation for successful onboarding. By streamlining administrative tasks and fostering engagement, Click Boarding sets new hires up for success from the outset of their journey with a company.

With its comprehensive approach to the employee lifecycle, Click Boarding stands out among solutions. Offering dynamic forms, mobile-first solutions, and configurable features, it ensures tailored onboarding experiences for every organization. Moreover, its seamless integration with existing systems and adaptability to global enterprises make it a valuable asset for HR professionals worldwide.

In today’s competitive landscape, effective onboarding is non-negotiable, and Click Boarding stands ready to revolutionize the onboarding experience for organizations of all sizes.

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