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The True State of Onboarding

The True State of Onboarding Today

The latest onboarding research

Click Boarding coined The Valley of Uncertainty™ as the period of chaos between offer letter and Day 1 in which new hires are most at risk as employers fail to invest in this crucial transition.

To validate our thinking, Click sponsored an exclusive onboarding report from Boston consulting firm, Aptitude Research. Their chief analyst, Madeline Laurano, published her findings in an in-depth analysis on the real state of onboarding. Watch the video of Laurano delivering the report, and listen firsthand to questions from the audience!

What is the Valley of Uncertainty?

The Valley represents the fearful time for candidates as they move from recruitment into the day-to-day business an employee. But it’s also when these new employees are at the highest risk of leaving an organization.

When combined with a lack of investment from leadership, the outlook can be dismal.

Valley of Uncertainty Resources

Find out how onboarding impacts employee engagement, productivity and retention.

Ever hear of the Valley of Uncertainty? No? Well, Click Boarding coined the term and concept of the Valley of Uncertainty....

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According to Aptitude Research: onboarding has a significant impact on retention, employer branding and quality of hire.

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76% of companies feel automation would significantly improve the new hire experience, but only 20% actually automate all aspects of onboarding.

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An alarming 86% of employers in the U.S. believe new hires make the decision whether or not to stay at a company within in their first 90 days on the job.

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In the past year, less than 30% of organizations increased their onboarding investment, while 73% increased their TA tech investment and 64% increased EX investment.


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How to Reduce the Disruption in HR & Retain Top Employees

The past (almost) three years have created huge disruption for both HR teams and HR tech. It’s caused a seismic decline in employee engagement, productivity and retention. Discover how automated onboarding helps reduce disruption, empower employees and provide relief.

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The problem

While the chaotic transition from candidate to employee results in disengagement and risk of turnover, it also takes a massive hit on speed to value. Or – in other works – the timeline to move a candidate from offer accept to productivity as quickly as possible. The deeper the valley, the greater hit your organization takes on potential revenue gains. After all, you hire employees to generate revenue. And for every hour lost to unclear, unproductive transitions, that’s lost earnings you won’t realize.

So what’s the answer?

Although HR Tech suite solutions do a lot well, they simply can’t do it all. It’s why you need a best-in-class onboarding provider to fill the gap of uncertainty and build a sustainable bridge to retention. We’ve known it makes logical sense, and the data proves it also makes cents when it comes to your bottom line.

With onboarding automation, the benefits are endless:

Security & ComplianceSecurity & Compliance

It’s mandatory to follow state, local and federal regulations, as well as SOC 2 Type 2 and GDPR. Anything less is a risk you can’t afford. Thankfully, superior compliance is in our DNA.

Engaging ExperiencesEngaging Experiences

Secure the handoff from recruiting to the business, and make a stellar impression. Plan a welcome they won’t forget, and transform a new hire’s enthusiasm into engagement.

Seamless IntegrationsSeamless Integrations

Easy integration is within reach! Our open and assessible employee journey platform provides a unified, user-friendly experience, from applicant tracking to onboarding.