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Quality candidates have options, but after a persuasive recruiting process and offer letter, they chose your company. And they’re pumped!

What happens if you throw on the brakes and don’t immediately start the onboarding process after the offer letter?

 New hires become unsure. They begin to question their new role and things said during the interview. Some become disenchanted, worried about their decision. Some don’t even show up for their first day. Indeed found that a shocking 22% of new hires signed the paperwork but then ghosted.

 Onboarding is so much more than just paperwork.

 Onboarding is THE opportunity to make new hires feel amazing about joining your company.

 World-class onboarding starts the moment your new hire says YES and continues well into their first 90 days and beyond. Click Boarding’s clients have shared countless stories of onboarding success – and each of them hinge on well-designed onboarding program that adheres to onboarding best practices.

 Employee onboarding best practices include:

  • Creating a robust onboarding program that begins with preboarding and continues through an employee’s first 90 days
  • Establishing a comprehensive new hire orientation program (logistics, tours, meet and greets)
  • Immersing new hires in the company culture, values and mission
  • Socializing new employees and linking them up with peers and a mentor
  • Providing everything new employees need (equipment, tools, information and training)
  • And, of course, all the onboarding paperwork

 Benefits of a robust onboarding program include:

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Click Boarding offers a modern onboarding platform that energizes HR and new hires by blending employee engagement, forms and digital process workflow and unified data integrations into smooth, flexible and compliant solutions. Delivering a day one smile on every new hire’s face.