Great onboarding sets the stage for engaged, productive & happy employees.

But who exactly is responsible for great onboarding?

A misconception we often hear is that onboarding is solely the responsibility of HR and the hiring manager. While they are absolutely critical to onboarding, they are not the whole story.

Employee onboarding isn’t just compliance, paperwork, and an orientation. It’s a concerted, company-wide effort to welcome new employees and provide them with the tools, information, and network they need to be successful.

This includes the hiring manager connecting new hires with peers and a mentor, security granting building access and an ID badge, IT providing hardware, and more. Most importantly, it’s making sure new hires feel welcomed and valued – by everyone in the organization. Meaning that every employee plays a role in onboarding new hires.

Great onboarding reflects the entire company. It demonstrates the organization’s commitment to making new hires feel great about joining the team and constantly reaffirming their YES! By baking this into the very fabric of a company’s DNA, each new hire is set up to have a great onboarding experience.

Our clients have experienced many benefits of company-wide onboarding. These are the top 3:

1. Strengthened employee engagement

Employees with a strong network and work friends are more embedded, enmeshed, and engaged with a company. SHRM research shows that 54% of companies with onboarding programs have stronger employee engagement.

2. Accelerated productivity

A company-wide approach to onboarding ensures new hires have all the tools and information they need to be productive – from day one. SHRM reports that standardized onboarding leads to 50% greater new hire productivity.

3. Increased employee retention

According to research by Glassdoor, a strong onboarding process enables companies to improve new hire retention by 82%. Their research also found that weak onboarding programs make new hires lose confidence in the company and more likely to look elsewhere within their first year.

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Click Boarding offers a modern onboarding platform that energizes HR and new hires by blending employee engagement, forms and digital process workflow and unified data integrations into smooth, flexible and compliant solutions. Delivering a day one smile on every new hire’s face.

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