Healthcare Onboarding

Healthcare Onboarding Best Practices 

Regardless of the industry, onboarding is the critical link in the transition between candidate and new employee. It helps new hires feel comfortable in their new role, provides the tools they need to be successful, and sets the tone of their relationship with your organization and can even positively impact employee retention. Let’s review the top 4 healthcare onboarding best practices:

Healthcare Onboarding Best Practice #1: Automation

Our healthcare clients have found that automating their onboarding experience and integrating it with their ATS and HRIS has reduced errors, saved time and enabled them to provide a consistent new hire experience.

Before automating, user errors were common, especially with HR staff rekeying information provided by new employees. A related issue was the time delay between the time HR received new employee information and when a new hire’s profile was created in the system. Not only could this lead to unexpected payroll delays, but it also increased the risk of unhappy new employees. When you automate the onboarding process and integrating it with your existing HR systems, you will eliminate the manual re-keying as well as significantly reduce user errors.

Automation also saves significant time. Our client Delta Dental used to greet new hires with a 137-page stack of paperwork which took them on average three hours to complete. After automating the process, their new hires could zip through the onboarding process in under twenty minutes – an 89% reduction in time! Their HR team was thrilled to save 45 hours per week. Read the full case study >>

Providing a consistent new hire experience was also important to our clients but always seemed just out of reach. Multiple locations, roles and teams made consistency and continuity a constant challenge. By automating the process, our clients could provide a consistent experience with clear communication and intuitive guidance. Automating the process took the responsibility off the shoulders of their busy hiring managers and placed it firmly on our platform. One of our clients replaced a manual process consisting of six separate emails with our automated platform and their NPS score shot up from a dismal 35 to a “world class” 70+.

Healthcare Onboarding Best Practice #2: Security

When it came to storing the personal employee information that’s collected during onboarding, our healthcare clients had a variety of different ways managing the data. Paper files were common, which grew increasingly challenging to manage, especially as the organization grew and expanded.

Our onboarding platform securely stores employee’s sensitive information in a cloud-based central repository that’s Soc 2 Type 2 compliance. This enables our clients to be solid stewards of their employee’s personal information and easily access it when needed.

Healthcare Onboarding Best Practice #3: Personalized Experience

Your healthcare organization is unique, with its own brand, mission and values. Instilling your organization’s essence in your new hires is one of the most important parts of onboarding; however, many of our clients didn’t have a way to achieve this with their former onboarding process.

Our clients have found success creating videos demonstrating their mission, values, and culture and embedding them in their onboarding process. They have included staff interviews, sit-downs with the CEOs, snaps of company events and more. These videos and pictures help new hires start to really understand the culture of the organization they’re joining.

Another important piece is tailoring the onboarding experience to your new hire’s individual department, role and location. Our clients have found that including role-specific information during onboarding gives new hires confidence to hit the ground running. This could include workload, policies and procedures, time management, scope of practice and/or patient population.

Healthcare Onboarding Best Practice #4: A Mobile-first Platform

Mobile access to your onboarding program is a baseline requirement in today’s device-driven world. All the information you need is at your fingertips; why would onboarding be any different? Empowering new hires to easily complete their onboarding ‘paperwork’ from their phone, including digitally signing documents, has allowed our clients to demonstrate that they understand them.

Our clients have also benefited from texting their new hires, especially before their first day. Warm, “welcome to the team” texts or helpful information go a long way toward building relationships with your new hires.

Does your healthcare onboarding align with industry best practices? 

If it doesn’t, perhaps it’s time to explore the Click Boarding onboarding and employee experiences platform. It simplifies employee onboarding with the mobile-first experience your candidates expect. At Click Boarding, we work together to set up customized workflows configured to your needs, so you can delight your new employees with a personalized and memorable onboarding experience.

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