The State of Employee Onboarding 2020

How has the pandemic changed the way we onboard employees?

The COVID-19 pandemic has changed everything: how we live, how we communicate and ultimately how we interact with one another. It was a cataclysmic event that forever changed the way we look at work and employment, not to mention virtually everything we do on a daily basis. Now, everyone is adjusting to the “new normal.”

Since the pandemic began, statistics show that over 30 million people have filed for unemployment, with countless businesses of every size impacted by this global situation. One area most companies are experiencing significant metamorphosis is Human Resources. Due to many state and federal mandates, HR professionals were faced with the inability of employees to return to work because of COVID-19. Not necessarily because they didn’t want to return to work, but rather “stay safe” orders or “stay at home” orders left many with no other choice. Possibly even worse was the introduction of “essential” and “non-essential” workers. 

Click Boarding’s Chief Revenue Officer Christine Marino says she’s witnessed firsthand how the pandemic is transforming the way organizations onboard their new hires. “COVID-19 and its long-ranging implications have forced companies to reevaluate what they’re doing internally for new hire recruitment and employee engagement. I think they’re coming to terms with the fact that what we’ve done in the past needs to change dramatically for the future.”

Rethinking “normal”

“The majority of companies didn’t have a choice with remote onboarding. They were forced to respond to the drastic change and challenged to do things very differently as a result of the new working-from-home workforce. They had to figure out — and fast — how to manage some or all of their remote employees along with onboarding new hires,” Marino explained. As the pandemic went on, companies had to offboard employees, many in mass quantities. The timing of these layoffs forced many companies to do this virtually. The stories shared were heart breaking.

What they’re doing is “kicking the tires” of onboarding, knowing yesterday’s solution must change for tomorrow. HR departments are searching for a new solution to efficiently and effectively onboard their new hires within the parameters of everyone’s new normal.

Changes with the biggest impact

What types of changes were most prevalent? “Mobile first is a critical driver which isn’t a surprise; everyone lives off their cell phones today,” Marino commented. Even at a Federal level, Marino says companies had to change the process of completing and submitting I-9 forms. Because of the pandemic, new hire candidates could no longer complete this type of documentation face to face as they had done in the past. What it did was force companies to adapt during the midst of a global crisis.

“In addition, it helped organizations realize the fundamental need to drastically improve how they bring talent onboard. The pandemic caused us to lose millions to unemployment, and it wasn’t by choice. Companies had to let really good people go because of the uncertainty. Once things settle down, the fight for great employees will certainly commence again.”

Engage new hires & protect your reputation

Now more than ever, Marino explained, company reputations are on the line. “When you look at the impact of how you reacted to the pandemic as an organization, it reflects your conviction to the problem and finding a viable solution,” she said.

Now that folks are returning to work, companies must make a cognitive decision to offer a more fostering environment for employees. Everyone has real feelings about the state of the world, post COVID-19. The emotional impact of this is tantamount to your talent and your brand. Why? Because everything your organization is doing during this time will be closely scrutinized from both new and existing employees alike.

How do you ensure your company is on track for this brave, new world?

Depend on a leader. Click Boarding has expanded our solutions suite to help organizations respond to COVID-19. Our platform delivers a guided experience that removes HR burdens and minimizes employee anxiety related to any transition or internal mobility, from being a new hire, to being promoted, to changing roles or offboarding. Whatever your needs, Click Boarding can help. We’d love to hear how you responded to this global crisis and share how we have as well.

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