Your new hire is 60 days in. Think you’re off the hook? Not a chance!

New employees experience a similar path to dating– where an initial meeting is fraught with nerves, the first few months are filled with uncertainty and best behavior, and then the relationship evolves into a steady hum of comfort and certainty.  

Just like dating, the first couple months are the most vulnerable for your new employees. You may be thrilled they accepted your offer and have kept showing up every day. But even 60 days into a new job your new hire is still wondering if they made the right choice.

That in between period, where your employees are no longer new but aren’t quite tenured yet is critical. This is a purgatory that hiring managers can manage – if they have the right tools and outlook.

These are the top areas to focus on during your new employee’s first 60 days:


Things might seem to be going well but their time with their peers is still in its infancy. They don’t have years of camaraderie built up, so there’s no bank of goodwill equity to pull from or a solid foundation built on shared history and inside jokes.

Keep an eye out for your employee. Be mindful if they’re assimilating well, if they have someone to chat with during breaks and company at lunchtime. Ask if they have questions about who to contact and pay attention to see if the organization has started to reach out to them.


Yours: You likely have high expectations for your new employee but remember, especially within the first 60 days, they’re still new. They’ve just gotten their feet wet and are trying to understand their role and the organization’s landscape. Also, just like dating, they can’t read your mind. Be very clear about your/ the company’s expectations. 

Theirs: Your new hire was paying attention during their interview with you. They’re expecting you to follow through with all your promises.

You must manage your expectations and theirs through open and honest communication. Set regular check in sessions where you review and discuss how things are going.


Make sure they have all the HR/ administrative tasks completed and ask if they have any questions. Lingering concerns about items like this are distracting.  

Tools and Resources

Your new hire needs access to different things to be successful in their role. Check in and make sure they have everything they need and that the tools they have are working. 


Your new hire wants to do well, but during those first 60 days the learning curve is steep. They feel the pressure of your expectations and want to succeed but still have questions and concerns. Make sure they know they have your full support all the time – not just during the first couple weeks.

 A new employee’s first 60 days sets the foundation for their success and engagement with your organization. Follow these five tips and make the first couple months so great your employees will become your biggest advocates.

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