Form I-9

The candidate has accepted the job offer, and now it’s up to you. Well, many of us including HR, the hiring manager, I/T, payroll, facility services, and more – to ensure the new hire is all set to go on their first day on the job, and that they remain as excited about working for our organization as the day they accepted the offer.

A big responsibility on our shoulders that we’re on the hook for ensuring the new hire’s forms are filled out correctly, their office is set up, and we’re responsible for whether they’re happy doing all we ask of them in the onboarding phase. If there’s one glitch in the process, one less-than-delightful activity we have new hires do that we could identify and eliminate from onboarding, we’d be rock stars. The question is, which item on the long to do list across all the stakeholders do you think stumps the new hire the most as we onboard them?

What’s stumped you as a new hire in the onboarding process? If you have one, it probably confuses your new hires, too. What overwhelms me every time as a new hire is selecting the funds in a 401K and determining how much money to fund in the Heath Savings Account (HSA), but I believe I found an answer, and it’s not the 401K or the HAS. I believe the top stumper is…the Form I-9. Surprised? As it looks simple enough. But as reported by Form I-9 Compliance, over 50% of employer I-9 Forms contain errors. Sounds like we need to do something about this, right?

Now why should those responsible for onboarding care so much about the Form I-9 being such a struggle for candidates to complete? Because without it – or with it filled out incorrectly – your new hire becomes a no hire. It’s a federal requirement that the Form I-9 be completed for all employees in the United States hired after November 6, 1986. And, there’s no excuse for a simple mistake or oversight when found to be non-compliant when audited by governmental authorities. The employer must face the music of paying the fines, or even going to prison.

OK so now all of us want to know what to do to avoid messing this Form up, and the answer is to use the Electronic I-9. Click Boarding customers can experience peace of mind with its’ inclusion in our onboarding solution through our partnership with Form I-9 Compliance, LLC. With the Electronic I-9, the Forms will be correct, current, electronically signed, organized, findable, and easily auditable, as it’s all done electronically.

Happy onboarding!

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