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The results are in! These are the trends your peers, HR and senior leaders are watching for in 2017 as it pertains to developing a talent-focused organization. Do they match up with what your organization is planning for the new year?

  • Research shows that organizations with a standard onboarding process experience 54% greater new hire productivity, along with 50% greater new hire retention. As more and more organizations are seeing new hire onboarding retention rates plummet, 2017 will be a record year for onboarding solution buys. In fact, Sierra-Cedar’s HR Systems Survey found that organizations plan to spend their time on onboarding as a top initiative in 2017, just second behind recruiting.
  • HR and HCM solution providers are working hard and making great strides to cater to the candidate and new hire, to deliver the best hiring and onboarding experience possible. Gerry Crispin, Elaine Orler, Kevin Grossman and the additional Talent Board members and CandE Council have done a phenomenal job of bringing candidate experience to the forefront, and it will continue to become more of a focus and achieved deliverable in organizations beyond Enterprise and more deeply embedded into SMB.
  • Organizations are looking more and more to Cloud/SaaS HR solutions in seek of a greater ability to deliver a scalable, repeatable, best practice hiring process and help foster organizational growth; to streamline day-to-day operations and spend resources more strategically; and to meet a highly-mobile workforce’s needs of communicating and completing hiring tasks anywhere, anytime, on any connected device. Expect a busy-buying year for SaaS HR solutions.
  • In 2017, talent-focused organizations will move away from full-time employees and move toward freelancers in an even bigger way. The Gig Economy, 2016 national survey of 600 HR decision makers and 959 freelancers found that:
    • 74% of companies will contract with more
    • 60% of companies plan to hire more freelancers than full-time employees.
    • 45% expect to increase their hiring of freelancers by 30% or more.

What’s our advice for companies looking to develop improved employee experiences in the next year?If you have a poor recruiting experience, the candidate will decline the offer letter. Similarly, if you have a poor onboarding experience, the new hire will leave. Our advice to any company that hires is to have a scalable New Hire Onboarding Plan (NHOP) and the resources to execute it flawlessly. If you aren’t sure where to begin with an NHOP, keep an eye on Our onboarding experts are building one out for you now!

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