Onboarding Data from Aptitude Research

The real state of employee onboarding

Find the latest onboarding data in our report, Onboarding: Are We Doing Enough? Click Boarding partnered with Aptitude Research for the Valley of Uncertainty webinar on Thursday, August 11, 2022. Download your free copy of the exclusive report, featuring deep insights and the latest statistics on the state of onboarding the first of its kind in over a decade! Don’t miss the startling onboarding facts revealed in this in-depth report, including:

Current state of onboarding

  • Are companies investing in onboarding?
  • How has onboarding changed during the pandemic?
  • What onboarding challenges do companies face?
  • What benefits does an onboarding program provide?

Future state of onboarding

  • Who is responsible for onboarding?
  • How can tech compliantly improve the new hire experience?
  • Which capabilities will provide value?
  • Where should companies start?

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