The 5 Ws of Employee Retention eBook

How to retain employees in 2022 & beyond

HR professionals in every capacity have collectively had their tolerance tested by the ravages of COVID-19. Deeply impacted by a global pandemic that took us by storm and complete surprise, our resilience has been tried and tested, repeatedly. Regardless of position or rank, chances are good you’ve felt the pain of this crisis too, on multiple levels.

This catastrophic virus has contributed to a host of unforeseen impacts and domino-effect consequences since it began in early 2020. The most threatening of these is employee turnover, and it’s being felt like an overwhelming deluge we’ve never experienced before…in history. Every day, employees are dealing with so much more in this new remote world:

  • health & wellness
  • organizational safety protocols
  • technology demands
  • remote working processes
  • cultural impacts
  • team dynamics

To make sense of it all, we’re borrowing the 5W1H principle from our journalist friends. Our research-based, fact-packed white paper breaks down the ins and outs of retention and offers viable recommendations to help fix the turnover tangle at your organization. Take a look through our fresh, holistic lens to learn how retention has been impacted and how businesses can prepare for the coming months and beyond:

  • Find out why solving the retention problem is critical.
  • Learn why retaining employees during the pandemic is so challenging.
  • Exclusive bonus: Get real-world tactics to try from our panel of experts.

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