Masterclassing Presentation

How to adapt to the “new” onboarding…

In September of 2020, Click Boarding participated in a Masterclassing session focused on Employee Engagement. This virtual forum brought HR professionals together from leading brands during the troubling, uncertain time of COVID-19. As a result, participants came eager to learn about strategies to safely, creatively and effectively engage employees both remotely as well as in an office setting, given social distancing guidelines.

Within the intimate, knowledge-exchange event, Click’s CPO – Pete Olson – lead an engaging, virtual discussion on the realities of onboarding today. He addressed how onboarding as we know it has changed for good amid virtual challenges and elevated new hire expectations. From there, he laid out simple yet profound strategies to engage new employees in the new norm. Here are the key takeaways you won’t want to miss.

  • Opt for Openness
  • Communicate Consistently
  • Try New Tactics

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