Retention presentation

Recognize the impact of retention & start getting it RIGHT.

We’re willing to bet that retention is on your balanced scorecard, as the need to retain talent has become key to success in today’s complex world. And given the detrimental impact of turnover tied to loss in productivity, resource allocation and hard dollars, it’s more important than ever.

Retention wasn’t always critical, however. So why now? In the age of increased demands on employers and enhanced employee expectations, loyalty is no longer a given. The concept of lifelong employees is completely outdated. If employee needs aren’t being met, they won’t hesitate to opt out… sometimes without a second thought!

So how do you keep your greatest assets from walking? You start retaining the moment they accept. And you never stop. Actively retaining new hires from Day 0, to 90 days, six months and throughout their tenure is how to win the war on talent. It’s about maximizing the investment you’re making in your team members throughout their entire journey.

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