"How Do I Onboard" Onboarding Today Webinar

How to adapt onboarding to meet evolving employee expectations

Administering seamless onboarding has always been a challenge. Add in obstacles of the new norm such as remote working and building connections from afar, and it’s downright terrifying. So how do HR professionals learn to adapt and redefine their onboarding process in today’s environment? The 3 “Is” of onboarding, of course – Impress, Invest and Inspire!

Join Click Boarding along with industry thought leaders, Jess Von Bank and Don MacPherson, for an engaging, thought-provoking webinar. These evangelists discuss the impact that COVID-19 has had on onboarding, the importance of getting it right and the three simple strategies to take your onboarding from underwhelming to unforgettable.

So how do you “wow” new hires in today’s environment, given virtual barriers, elevated expectations and a talent pool filled with critics? Here are a few hints:

  • Be on your “A” game
  • Be intentional in every move
  • Be a pedestal for success

Collectively, Jess and Don bring 47 years of experience in the HR world. They’ve managed to come out on top by focusing on people and leaning into change. During the session, they address the importance of creating special moments and building meaningful connections as you convert employee enthusiasm into engagement.

Watch the full recording here