HR Tech Symposium 2020 Recap

A virtual HR event like no other

Time flies when you’re having fun, and we had our share of fun during last week’s 2020 HR Tech Symposium, sponsored by! The fully virtual, fully immersive conference spanned an entire week, and Team Click loved the lay of the digital land. As we virtually manned the Click booth, we chatted it up with other HR rock stars to find out how their organizations have been faring during the pandemic’s continued ripple effects.

From the awesome networking lounge to the exhibitor hall and participant booths, to virtually meandering through the trade show, to visiting and networking with other attendees, this event was one to remember.

Attending as many sessions as we could, we concluded that they were all nothing short of outstanding. The speakers included a diverse group of top-notch experts in their respective HR fields, and there were always great questions from the audience. We have to admit that our favorite sessions were the ones that included interactive polls, insightful feedback and/or thought-provoking questions from event attendees.

On Tuesday, October 6th, Click hosted the Talent Acquisition, Track 3 – A Leadership Forum: How do “I” Onboard in Today’s World webinar. Our high-octane panel of HR gurus included:

The webinar kicked off with an in-depth discussion about the impact the pandemic has had on onboarding in general.This led the conversation down the path of the vital importance of getting the onboarding process right. Finally, the powerhouse HR trio offered three simple strategies to take your onboarding from underwhelming to unforgettable in today’s constantly evolving environment.

Also addressed was the critical need to create special, significant moments for new hires. Jess, Don and Danielle were in complete agreement on the methodology of building deeper and more meaningful relationships and connections so that you’re able to convert employee enthusiasm into employee engagement.

Another incredibly relevant topic the panel delved into was how can organizations create a sense of connection to work, each other and mental wellness.

We don’t want to give the whole farm away, so watch the on-demand webinar now >>