Inclusive Onboarding

Making Diversity & Inclusion Part of Your Onboarding Program recently reached out to Click Boarding’s Chief Product Officer, Pete Olson, for his point of view on diversity and inclusion within employee onboarding. Hiring Success is a community of forward-thinking HR leaders and professionals that are shaping the future of recruiting while elevating the importance of talent acquisition.

Olson provided actionable insights for HR professionals for onboarding with diversity and inclusion in mind. He maintains that, “For both Talent Acquisition and HR teams to work succinctly and successfully…the two entities must operate in conjunction with one another as well as with the entire organization. This unified engagement is what sparks creativity, innovation and inspiration.”

Because we’re in the middle of a global pandemic, Olson says the onboarding playing field is an even more diverse and extensive space. “It’s unchartered territory for everyone, and it demands a viable solution that will propel and evolve TA, HR, HR processes and onboarding into the future.”

Elements like an inclusive onboarding experience, candidate experience, communication, recognition and more can be tailored to unique employee needs, ensuring everyone achieves a level playing field.

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