Do you sometimes feel like an onboarding dummy? Like maybe everyone else understands onboarding but you? Well don’t fear, we’re here to fire you up about your outdated onboarding processes. You should get mad, you deserve an easier process. Quite frankly you deserve tips and tricks and quite possibly even a snack at this point. You aren’t a dummy, but maybe your onboarding techniques are; step into the 21st century with us.

Are you struggling through mounds of paperwork, only to distribute said mounds of paperwork to a new candidate (you know that one you worked hard to win and now want to keep, maintain and impress)? Does this ring a bell? We have compiled a list of easy to incorporate techniques to declutter your onboarding processes.

1. Go paperless

Do the environment and your new employee a favor and get rid of your paper laiden onboarding process. Paperless creates more opportunity for automation, which saves the team time, but also cuts out the repetitive information sharing. They have already given the company their address once, isn’t that enough? Did we mention it would be doing the environment a favor, because 50% of all waste coming directly from companies/businesses is composed of paper.

“You hate paperwork. Your new hires hate paperwork. So why not use paperless onboarding? When you make your paperless onboarding a reality, many of the redundant fields (like your new hire’s name, address, etc.) get filled in automatically on every form after you’ve written it down once. This reduces the amount of times your employees spend on forms, which means it takes them less time to get up to speed and productive.”
– Christine Marino, Chief Revenue Officer, Click Boarding.

Here are couple of quick bulleted points to open your eyes to the benefits of paperless onboarding:

  • Paperless onboarding is cost effective. The average employee uses around 10,000 sheets of paper per year
  • Paperless onboarding helps retention. An easy onboarding process means a happy new employee, which can help cut down on the 22% of employees who leave their new job after only 45 days.
  • Paperless onboarding puts you ahead of your competitors. With a fast and easy onboarding process gets your new employees in the mix faster. Incorporating them into their new set jobs more smoothly than a paper-heavy system.

2. Jump into social media

Have a company-wide messaging system where employees can message each other, post questions and assign tasks for projects. A social company-wide platform can offer readily available information to your new employee. This will not only introduce your new hire to the team, but gives them a chance to shine (via funny gifs/basic interweb comradery,). Gaining the respect of their new coworkers can help them ease into the company culture.

3. Options, options, options

Give your new employees the option to finish their paperwork at home the day before they come in. This will not only save time, but can help smooth out any waning questions your new employee may have (but may not have asked when presented to them on the first day of the job). This also ensures that your new employee can start meeting the team, getting settled in and taking on their training from day one. Having more time to focus on building relationships and setting goals will not only engage your new employee from day one, but will give them the impression that they are valued and needed at their new company! Anthony Robbins said, “The quality of your life is the quality of your relationships.” A wise sentiment that rings true in our personal and professional lives. So, give your employees the means to do it!

When you’re ready to get onboarding techniques right, you can depend on Click to deliver. It’s the win you’ve been waiting for, and we’re excited to help.