Best Practices for Onboarding New Employees

The end of the year is a bittersweet time. Everyone is excited and ready for the holidays, but the idea that another year has just passed forces us to not only think about what future lies ahead, but ponder our performance (or lack thereof). Resolutions made, but not kept.

New programs that fell by the wayside, and numbers that will be coming due soon enough. Change management is crucial in the world of HR and this past year we’ve seen lots of changes, especially in employee onboarding! From an afterthought of a process to an overlooked module, onboarding began to be featured prominently in HR discussions for the first time this year. Here are our favorite posts about onboarding best practices

5. Does Onboarding Affect Retention?


This little favorite offers last-minute tips for onboarding new employees and discusses the link between effective employee onboarding and employee retention. “Systematic and structured onboarding programs are best at helping retain employees as they provide new hires with standard processes to help ease them into new positions. In fact, new hires are 69% more likely to stay at a company for 3 years if they were a part of a well-structured onboarding program.” There’s more where that came from…

Check it: Yes, Good Onboarding Does Increase Employee Retention


4. Purchasing New Employee Onboarding Software?


This post offers the 4 most important considerations to take into account when researching what employee onboarding software to buy. “52% of new hires want to receive organized, relevant and well-timed content as part of their onboarding process, likely making it the biggest area talent acquisition can improve on. So while you may not want to bog down a new hire with lots of information on their first day, they want to have at least some idea of what their job will be like.” How does your onboarding process compare?

Take a look: 4 Things to Look for When Selecting Employee Onboarding Software


3. Do You Have an Efficient Onboarding Process?


One of our top viewed articles details the ramifications of inefficient onboarding processes. But don’t cry, that’s not all! Click Boarding tells you what onboarding needs and what efficient onboarding can do for your company. “True seamless new hire onboarding involves getting an employee up to speed on how the company works, getting them to meet everyone, and making sure everyone’s compliant and ready to work, depending on your industry. It’s about reinforcing that accepting the job offer was the best decision and making the first day a great day!” It’s well worth the read!

Read more: Get More Efficient with Your New Hire Onboarding. Here’s How:


2. Don’t You Just Love Flow Charts?!


Our runner-up article is your go-to outline to creating a new hire process flow chart. This post takes employee onboarding to a whole new level by giving you 5 easy steps to make bringing on new hires a piece of cake. Did you know that 66% of companies with an onboarding process more successfully assimilate new employees into their employee culture? “This might sound like a no-brainer, but you’d surprised how many companies don’t think about their onboarding procedures until after they hire their first employee. Before you hire someone, make sure you’ve included onboarding. When you build the hiring process with onboarding as an integral facet, it makes it easier to file the necessary paperwork.” Find out more…

Take a gander: How to Create a New Hire Process Flow Chart in 5 Steps


1. Need-to-Know Employee Onboarding Facts


Here it is. The moment you’ve all been waiting for. The number one post from 2015! This handy dandy article shares 7 insightful employee onboarding facts. “56% of new employees want a buddy or mentor. Remember when you were a new hire? Sometimes, it’s a nerve-racking experience. Pairing a tenured coworker with a new hire can make the onboarding program even easier. Even without the extra help, candidates have access to a platform-guided employee onboarding program with Click Boarding so it’s easy for them and convenient for you.”


Sneak a Peek: 7 Need-to-Know Facts About Employee Onboarding

There you have it, our most-read posts from the year, but don’t fret, we will have more tips and trends to offer you soon! This year is coming to an end and with the new year comes new ideas and refreshed outlooks. We can’t wait to bring you more posts for your intellectual indulgence. Thanks for tuning in and for a great year! We’d like to send you off to the new year with this quote by author Melody Beattie:

“The new year stands before us, like a chapter in a book, waiting to be written. We can help write that story by setting goals.”

Rewrite your goals for the coming year and take these five best practices into consideration when doing so. Start off the year right, with paperless onboarding by Click Boarding!

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