eBook: The ROI of Automated Onboarding

Modern onboarding for happier HR & new hires

Despite the risks involved, many companies still rely on paper forms or manual processes for their onboarding efforts. This antiquated approach can compound the process and create additional problems:

  • Takes the employee out of the workplace
  • Saddles HR with mundane tasks and takes them away from strategic planning
  • Slows the time it takes to get a new hire contributing to the company
  • Compounds the risk of errors and noncompliance

Equally compelling as risk prevention are the time savings and employee retention opportunities that automated onboarding provides. With the help of a modern employee journey solution, HR teams receive significant time savings and empowerment while employees experience best-in-class engagement for long-term success.

In this eBook, we break down how an automated onboarding process helps mitigate compliance risk. We also examine how it can significantly reduce overall costs for HR while engaging new hires and creating unforgettable employee experiences.

Sections Included

  • Intro to Onboarding
  • Noncompliance and Onboarding
  • Costs of Getting it Wrong
  • Benefits of Getting it Right
  • Eliminate Onboarding Risks
  • About Click Boarding

“We love Click Boarding! During implementation, our Project Manager was absolutely the most helpful person and was with us from the beginning and never left us.  She was instrumental in making sure our tool works seamlessly.  Click Boarding is a great company who I hope to have an on-going relationship with.  They are the prime example of excellent customer service.”

HR Specialist | Multinational Telecommunications Company

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