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How HR Bounces Forward After COVID-19

We’ve finally gotten used to the new normal: onboarding during the pandemic. But have we adapted our processes and tools accordingly? Now more than ever, it’s important to take a hard look at our employee engagement processes. And it all starts with employee onboarding.

In our in-depth eBook, we’ll discuss the impact that the pandemic has had on onboarding, the importance of getting it right and the three simple strategies to take your onboarding from underwhelming to unforgettable.

The bottom line? Amid virtual challenges, social distancing and elevated new hire expectations, employee onboarding has changed for good. And it’s time to throw the rule book out the window.

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Including excerpts from the experts

As an added treat, we’ve included some facts and stats from our recent presentation at the 2020 HR Tech Symposium. While there, we virtually “sat down” with industry thought leaders, Jess Von Bank and Don MacPherson, for an engaging, thought-provoking webinar session on onboarding today.

“You’ve invested a lot of resources, time and energy to bring the right talent to your organization because you needed them. Ultimately, onboarding is the moment that it all pays off – or it doesn’t!”

Jess Von Bank Leapgen

“Now’s the time to invest in your people. Take what you liked before and bring that forward. But also, improve… it’s your blank slate to do it in a different way!”

Danielle Balow Click Boarding

“The first week is when your employer brand will either be echoed or incongruous with the experience that your new hire will have. And – trust me – they will talk.”

Don MacPherson 12 Geniuses

When you’re ready, we’re here

Your employees deserve efficient, foolproof engagements from onboarding through their entire lifecycle. And while adapting to the challenges of 2020 has been hard, your employee journey experience doesn’t have to be! We’re here as your consultant to help you automate the process and delight your new hires. When you’re ready to focus on people and let the process run itself, we’re only a click away.