TA Today SmartRecruiters Webinar Recap

Step up to the plate to capitalize on remote hiring & onboarding!

On November 5th, 2020, Click Boarding’s Senior Solutions Manager, Danielle Balow, joined SmartRecruiters for their latest installment of TA Today. These timely and engaging panelist discussions focus on opportunities to emerge from the 2020 economic downturn stronger and better equipped than ever. This latest session focused on adapting to the inevitable reality of hiring and onboarding remotely. And likely forever. Danielle, the leader of our Consulting Practice, was accompanied by a stellar line up of TA leaders:

  • Matt Alder, Producer & Host | The Recruiting Future Podcast
  • Adam Miller, Manager TA Strategy & Operations | Safelite
  • Paul Marchant, Vice President, Northern Europe | SmartRecruiters

During the fast-paced yet captivating discussion, the group covered a broad array of topics tied to the acquisition and management of new hires remotely. From adapting your current processes to analyzing key considerations such as geographical barriers, culture fit and diversity, they left no stone unturned. To capture every tidbit, view the full on-demand recording.

For a snapshot of key takeaways, we’ve got you covered with the following highlights:

1. “Remote” requires rethinking:
Recruiting talent and acquainting them to your organization have forever changed. So should your thought process. It’s time to reimagine candidate and employee experiences. Evaluate your tech stack, lean into new tools and let go of physical limitations.

With flexible schedules and virtual meeting rooms, speed to hire has increased. More profoundly, geographical restraints to hire local talent have loosened drastically. Capitalize on the virtual reality to take advantage of global talent pools.

2. Versatility is ever-important:
Both your processes and your people must allow for flexibility in this new age. At the same time, however, it’s important to be prepared and expect the unexpected. Ensure you have talented recruiters that can moderate a successful interview in a virtual capacity.

From there, support your hiring managers by adapting your onboarding and hiring techniques to the digital age. Don’t just lift and shift your old ways. Instead, create a new framework that allows for diversity in working dynamics.

3. Culture continues to be key:
Your brand personality and corporate culture are perhaps more important now than ever. But how do you portray your style from afar, when it remains a key decision factor for both candidates and employees?

You must keep experience top of mind from the first touchpoint through the entire journey. Leverage digital, automated mediums that help you follow-up with engaging messages at scale. Just make sure it feels authentic and real.

4. Double down for diversity:
Candidates and new hires alike appreciate an organization that recognizes their unique skills and characteristics. As individual working situations range from one extreme to the next, deploy procedures – and personnel – that accommodate and celebrate differences. This includes administering flexible, intuitive tools equipped for all users. It also includes pushing the envelop to enable diversity of thought, experience and all walks of life.

Although we could have watched all day, the fully remote session concluded with a Q&A session in which attendees inquired about infrastructural changes to the TA landscape. The response? The panel agreed across the board that it’s time to take a hard look at your technology.

Analyze your tools to ensure they hit the mark and evaluate your current process. As you map out your ideal employee experiences, maintain your brand personality, amplifying it within the digital age. As Danielle put it so eloquently, “Take what you liked before and bring that forward. But also, improve… it’s your blank slate to do it in a different way!”

Always trust the experts
In a world that demands immediate change, you don’t have the luxury of a typical 18 – 24-month purchase process for new technology. In response, you need a partner that just gets it. Our team of employee journey experts are here for you when you’re ready to focus on people and let the process run itself. We’ll showcase how you can use seamless, mobile-first and automated onboarding to elevate the employee experience and meet new hire engagement expectations today.