Click Boarding - New Modern Offboarding Solution

Click Boarding introduces modern offboarding solution to simplify employee exits and improve employee experience

Click Boarding, the leading modern onboarding platform, today unveiled its offboarding module that will enable enterprise companies to provide employees with a customized and consistent exit experience while creating a more efficient, streamlined and compliant process for HR.

“People leave their company for many reasons, and oftentimes their offboarding experience is inconsistent, lacking empathy or simply unpleasant,” said Pete Olson, Chief Product Officer at Click Boarding. “Alumni employees can be a great resource for referrals, boomerang as return employees, and help bolster the employer brand, but if their offboarding is done poorly or improperly the company can be opened to negative word of mouth or even legal risks.”

Click Boarding’s intuitive, mobile-first and highly-configurable platform now powers onboarding, cross-boarding and offboarding using the same core functionality that supports multiple workflows, task management and content management, and marries employee engagement with streamlined HR administration and compliance.

“Companies can now ‘flip a switch’ to activate offboarding without the need to create a new instance or worry about data security,” said Olson. “We’ve made it easy to take advantage of the right employee-centric experience to smooth the transition and provide an ongoing communications channel.”

Key Features

  • Offboarding-specific portal for the employee transition with empathetic language and tone
  • Neutral third-party acts as intermediary between the employer systems and outside users (i.e. ex-employees)
  • Customized email messaging to the affected employees
  • Customized offboarding URL and language offers the right tone
  • Ability to create and assign tasks for such things as asset retrieval and services shut off

Key Benefits

  • The boomerang effect: One day some employees may want to return to the company. How the employee is treated will have a lasting impression on that decision to return.
  • Referral source: The reality is a company’s ‘alumni’ network is a tremendous force for how their new candidate pipeline can be filled.
  • Brand effects: Companies are global and local. How the offboarded employee speaks about their experience is telling as to whether the company adheres to their values.
  • Risk Minimization: Peace of mind that necessary tasks to close security loopholes are process-generated. Additionally, Communication vehicle for HR admin to provide information to employee

About Click Boarding

Click Boarding is a modern onboarding platform that excites HR and new hires by blending great employee engagement, new hire forms and onboarding tasks into a simple, flexible and compliant solution. As companies struggle to effectively engage new employees while efficiently adhering to compliance standards, Click Boarding makes HR’s job easier by replacing disjointed and inconsistent onboarding processes with a single, secure and streamlined platform that delivers the engaging welcome new employees expect. For more information, follow us at @ClickBoardingHR, on LinkedIn or visit us at