Hireology’s Healthcare Beat Series: The New Applicant Economy

Hireology, the Click Boarding team and a panel of HR industry champions gathered on Tuesday, December 8th to discuss the acute pressures being felt within the healthcare communities around the country. Not only are hospital staff and medical service professionals stretched beyond any place they’ve been before; healthcare HR and IT systems are suffering too. Tech stacks are quickly falling behind,  becoming ineffective, inefficient and antiquated as a direct result of COVID-19.

What does this mean? Without adopting integrated HR technologies, the disconnected platforms from siloed systems that organizations relied on in the past can no longer tow the load.

Sharing tools and resources to help set your company up for success in 2021

Hireology’s CEO, Adam Robinson began the session with a reflection on life in healthcare before the pandemic:

  • Every able-bodied person that could work did work.
  • Most agency’s #1 issue was delivering on the promise of quality candidates to clients.
  • The talent competition within our industry was larger than it ever was before, because we were competing across industries.
  • We were figuring out how to build a lucrative talent pipeline.

And then the pandemic happened, erasing everything we knew. “COVID brought so many issues that we had to determine solutions for things that had never even been problematic before,” Robinson observed. 

So then, let’s set ourselves up for a better 2021, shall we?

It’s a fact: healthcare hires are difficult to fill. Hireology realized this all too well and launched an applicant-centric survey. It was designed to collect data from the jobseeker’s perspective along with their point of view on a variety of HR-related subjects.

Throughout the roundtable discussion, our experts reflected on the survey results and offered their expertise on topics including:

  • How to attract non-traditional talent
  • How to build your pipeline of difficult-to-fill roles
  • How to increase retention rates
  • How to create a better candidate experience
  • Ways to make Day 1 awesome
  • Best practices for best-in-class HR platform integrations

Throughout the presentation, there was a common agreement among panelists about the countless realities the new normal has created and how we’ll need to adapt, starting with technology. Failure to embrace and solve for these new challenges will undoubtedly impact your employee experiences, retention, engagement and more.

Are you prepared to take that risk?

A beautiful partnership
You won’t have to take the risk with Click and Hireology. Why? Because our platform integrates with existing tech solutions, augmenting and expanding capabilities in a single, comprehensive HR suite. Inregrated with Hireology’s all-in-one hiring and talent management platform, you’ll have the power to create a consistent experience for every new candidate you hire.

The bottom line: trust in the experts.
It’s pretty crazy when you think about it. In the matter of less than one year, most everything around us has changed because of the pandemic. Many things will never be what they were before COVID, and that’s a pragmatic fact of life in this new norm. And it’s exactly why now is the critical time for your organization to adopt and embrace.

If you don’t adopt, you will fall behind, which is why you need a forward-thinking technology partner that gets it. When you’re ready to focus on people and let the process run itself, our dedicated employee journey experts are here to help. Learn how our seamless, mobile-first and automated onboarding platform amplifies your employee experience to meet new hire engagement expectations now.

Together, Click and Hireology deliver the experience your employees not only expect but deserve. Trust Click Boarding’s elevated experiences, guided by design. It’s the win your HR team has been waiting for!