iSmartRecruit Onboarding Award

Onboarding & Recruiting: A natural pair

Ask any HR recruitment professional, and they will tell you the importance of a solid onboarding program. The sad reality is that they’ve likely all been bit by a converted candidate walking away before day 1. Why? Due to a lack of communication, engagement and general follow-through on behalf of the organization. Essentially, the basics of a modern onboarding process.

The team of end-to-end recruiting experts at iSmartRecruit, the talent acquisition software provider, understand the crucial connection between recruiting and onboarding. That’s why they recently rolled out a list of the Top 11 Onboarding Software solutions of 2021. Through their diligent research, iSmartRecruit listed Click Boarding as one of the top contenders. And we’re honored for this esteemed recognition of our onboarding software!

Aside from providing an overview of leading providers, iSmartRecruit also analyzed the ins and outs of onboarding today; specifically, where onboarding fits in an organization and the role it plays in hiring, engaging and retaining top talent. Check out a few key takeaways from this captivating article that we’ve highlighted below:

1. Onboarding is essential to recruiting.
As noted onboarding is key to recruitment. According to iSmartRecruit, it’s fair to say that all recruiting efforts are wasted if not later administered via onboarding with intent and care.

2. The ROI of onboarding can’t be overstated.
Perhaps the biggest takeaway from the feature is the clear impact of onboarding on the organization. Starting after recruitment from the moment the candidate says “YES.” Effective, efficient and engaging onboarding leads to:

  • Better employee retention
  • Diminishment of cost & time
  • Reduction of error in processes

3. Ongoing benefits of automation.
We know that hiring is a continuous process. From there, onboarding certainly is too. However, onboarding can be fully automated in a manner that’s consistent, cohesive and fully-configurable. And once configured, the long-term benefits are endless. (Hint – See above).

4. Onboarding benefits ALL.
While there’s often disagreement around who owns onboarding in the organization, there’s no doubt that a positive, seamless onboarding program benefits functions across the business. To name a few, onboarding results in:

  • Smoother process for the business
  • Seamless experience for new hires
  • Status updates for HR

So there you have it. An overview of onboarding that simply can’t be ignored. Read the full article for iSmartRecruit’s full point of view.