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Elevated Experiences. Guided by Design.

Elevated Experiences. Guided by Design.

Your guided experience starts here

As an HR professional you know that today’s workforce has consumer-level expectations about business processes and work experiences. You also know that onboarding is the critical pivot where the candidate experience transforms into the employee journey. Starting a new role can feel both exciting and intimidating, so it’s important to provide a simple, seamless experience to affirm the “YES” and ensure long-term success.

Seamless transitions for HR

Whether you look at onboarding, crossboarding or offboarding, there’s no “one size fits all.” That’s why the Click Boarding platform enables you to pull from our best-in-class workflow suggestions or mastermind your own. With flexible process flows that are as easy as click, drag and drop, the number of unique onboarding journeys you design is only limited by your creativity or business needs.

Elevated experiences for employees

Put your employees on an easy path, make it remote and mobile, and give them the confidence to take their next step. Our guided experience makes it easy for new hires to feel welcomed, engaged and confident as they embark on their new employee journey.

Great onboarding makes successful employees, and it’s as easy to get right as it is to get wrong. We published “Demystifying Modern Onboarding,” to walk you through the process. It’s an eBook that provides a blueprint for adopting modern onboarding to provide the experience employees expect and you need.

A Step by Step Playbook for Delivering Elevated Employee Experiences.

What to Expect

In this eBook, you’ll learn…

  • What a consumer-savvy, enterprise grade onboarding experience looks like.
  • What to expect from an onboarding partner to make your life easier.
  • How to quantify the business impact of getting modern onboarding right.

The Click Difference.

Click Boarding is an onboarding platform that takes the stress out of employees’ first days — and beyond. The platform delivers a guided experience that removes HR burdens and minimizes employee anxiety related to any transition or internal mobility, from being a new hire, to being promoted, to changing roles or offboarding. Click Boarding bridges the gap between talent acquisition and talent management to help you engage and retain talent.

Together we empower HR and talent acquisition to “own” the process from candidate to employee, giving them more data and insights on employee satisfaction that can be applied to hiring efforts.

“We love Click Boarding! During implementation, our Project Manager was absolutely the most helpful person and was with us from the beginning and never left us.  She was instrumental in making sure our tool works seamlessly.  Click Boarding is a great company who I hope to have an on-going relationship with.  They are the prime example of excellent customer service.”
HR Specialist Multinational Telecommunications Company