Onboarding Process Steps

Steps to Improve Your Process

Our friends in HR come to us asking us for quick fixes to onboarding processes all the time. Whether they’re using an onboarding platform from a third party, have created a home-grown system, rely on manual processes or have taken a hybrid approach, many who have started this type of process are missing a few key steps.

If you want to quickly whip your onboarding process steps into shape, try these easy fixes to ensure great new hire experience and to make your new employees’ first day, their best first day ever! 

1. First, get organized.

  • Identify the onboarding steps you do today.
  • Ensure an owner is assigned to each step and bought-in.
  • Double-check if any onboarding activities are missing.
  • Place steps in the desired, chronological order.
  • Repeat this review every quarter.

With 30% of U.S. organizations surveyed saying their internal hiring process is mostly ad hoc, this is a chance to gain a significant competitive edge.

2. Second, have an onboarding communication plan.

Your onboarding communication plan should include the following:

  • Who communicates what and when to the new hire?
  • Is it consistently the same person?
  • Is it sensitive information?
  • Is it too frequent, or not frequent enough?
  • Have all the stakeholders involved received communication?

This last point is critical – you need to communicate the plan with every person you’ve listed as having a responsibility. Ensure every person is bought in, understands their role, and knows how they are alerted when it’s their turn to jump in and act. Go back to those steps you created and ensure that communication is included. Create buy-in to increase engagement by simply touching base with your  stakeholders along the way.

3. Lastly, know the results.

Follow up with each person involved in the process, and ask them a few questions about their experience, such as:

  • How simple do you believe our onboarding process is?
  • How prepared do you believe the new hire is for day one?
  • Overall how would you rate our onboarding experience?

In summary

Don’t forget to communicate your great idea to improve the steps of your onboarding process, share any learnings and state those positive results of your new and improved onboarding process to your manager and/or management team. Own it!

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