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A Deep-dive into the Employee View

Viewpoint with Dennis Quaid has pulled the curtain on the state of employee onboarding. Because all too often, it’s done incorrectly. And as a result of poor new hire experiences, employees become disengaged, unproductive and at risk of leaving the organization.

The Click Boarding solution onboards employees efficiently, providing a clear and customized digital experience. With our mobile-first workflows, your candidates & internal teams will learn what a great onboarding experience really is.

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Airing on Public Television, Fox Business Network, CNN, MSNBC, CNBC, Discovery Life, and CNN Headline News.

Modern employees want an employer that supports them and proves it by offering a comprehensive employment contract that goes beyond theoretical. They want authentic actions via engagement practices that deliver positive and consistent employee experiences.

These crucial moments of engagement begin the moment your new hires say yes. When they enter the delicate transition from candidate to employee. When first impressions are crucial to the entire employee lifecycle, setting employees up for success from day one matters.

Why Click Boarding

Click Boarding’s software provides comprehensive support for your employees throughout the entire customer journey, spanning from preboarding to offboarding and everything in between. With its robust features and user-friendly interface, Click Boarding’s software not only facilitates a seamless employee experience but also enhances employee retention by fostering a positive and engaging work environment.


Start the transition from candidate to employee with fully-digital, ever-compliant workflows.

Internal TransitionsOnboarding

Deliver top-notch, fully-guided employee experiences to set the stage for new hires.

Employee AssessmentsRetain

Build the bridge to retention through pre-packaged, science-backed employee pulse checks.


Ensure empathetic offboarding for seamless exits your employees will look back on fondly.

Behind the Scenes

A Message from our CEO, Mike Ehrle

“Most HR professionals default to their all-in-one solutions because they have no idea or even truly consider, why solutions like Click Boarding are so critical. When in fact they need a complete solution to a problem far more complex and nuanced than the all-in-ones can handle.

Our job is to obsess about candidate/employee transitions at a company. That obsession is what our clients are buying. We are the experts in this space. I believe we are the best in the world at knowing what works and doesn’t during these transitions.”

Mike Ehrle and Christine Marino on set shooting the ViewPoint video.
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About Viewpoint

A Focus on Changing Lives

“The goal of the Viewpoint Project is to enlighten the audience by delivering diverse informational and educational documentaries by covering a variety of issues and topics. Viewpoint Project is on the cutting edge of the television documentary industry, producing top quality programming for Public Television… Each story has one thing in common – changing our lives for the better.”

See Click Boarding in Action

So how do optimal employee experiences come to life? Take a peek at our various transition use cases, from preboarding and onboarding through employee exits. It’s time you learned what a seamless, automated onboarding experience can you for your organization.

  • 29% increase in new hire productivity
  • 21% increase in employee retention rates
  • 52% fortune 10 clients change in eNPS score from 35 to 70+

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