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The Valley of Uncertainty™ Video

The Valley of Uncertainty™ Video

Don’t let your new hires become a retention statistic.

Never heard of the Valley of Uncertainty? It’s the period of time when new employees are handed off from Recruiting to the business. It’s not just critical to your employee’s long-term success; it’s key for the health and longevity of your organization.

Valley of Uncertainty Video Transcription

In today’s complex talent marketing, there’s a significant gap in investment between Talent Acquisition and employee engagement. Employers spend a lot of time resources and dollars to find the right talent and get that ultimate “Yes.”

Once onboarded, they invest significantly in long-term employee training and development.

But there’s a huge gap in this investment during employee onboarding. This is the Valley of Uncertainty, as candidates lose their initial excitement and question their decision to join. With hiring competition at an all-time high and hybrid work here to stay, successful onboarding has never been more important for employee retention.

That’s how Click Boarding can help!

We’re an onboarding and employee experience platform that provides modern, compliant HR transitions throughout the employee lifecycle. It begins the moment your new hire says “Yes,” and it’s what we do best.