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Additional onboarding resources

What is Onboarding? How has It Changed in 2021?

What is onboarding? It’s a question that’s been asked many times over the years, and there have been a multitude of answers. But COVID-19 has permanently altered the way we work, and consequently, it’s entirely changed the way we onboard our new employees. The global...

Great Onboarding is How Retention Begins

How are onboarding and retention related? As we inch our way around the corner after more than a year of battling COVID-19, employers across the country are wondering how to retain new employees and employee retention in general. Not surprising is the reality that the...

8 Onboarding Mistakes that Terrify New Hires

Please avoid these onboarding mistakes! Click loves onboarding. Not only does the process engage and prepare employees for their roles, a successful onboarding program unifies organizational goals and quickly brings your talent to their highest proficiency. Our...

How Long Does Onboarding Take?

What it takes to get employees up to speed Higher retention rates, engaged employees and effective communication are just a few of the advantages to having a seamless, effective onboarding process. Making the most of a new hire’s first few months can contribute...

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