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Click gives you more. Period.

So you have an effective ATS and HRIS solution. If it’s not broken, don’t fix it, right? Wrong! In today’s day and age, the status quo is no longer acceptable. And although your HR suite platform does a lot, it can’t do it all.

Click’s end-to-end employee journey platform is the intersection between engagement and compliance, at scale. Our platform integrates seamlessly with existing tech solutions, augmenting and extending their current capabilities to enable a comprehensive HR suite.

The result? You can arm your team with elevated employee onboarding to “wow” new hires and keep them for the long haul. It’s truly a win-win-WIN – for your new hires, your HR department and your organization’s bottom line.


Increase in new hire productivity.


Increase in employee retention rates.


Fortune 10 client's change in eNPS score from 35 to 70+.

HR Technology Integrations

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Thinking about expanding your HR tech stack? Thankfully, easy integration is within reach. Click Boarding is built to complement your existing systems with an open, accessible platform.

And just how does Click provide a complete, turnkey solution? See for yourself how we fit into the HR tech ecosystem.

The intersection of compliance & engagement at scale.

As HRIS behemoths become bigger than ever, you’re at their whims when your people need more without breaking the budget. True onboarding isn’t “out-of-the-box.” It’s candidate experience and compliance-ready flexibility at scale. And it’s in our DNA.

SOC 2 Type 2 Compliance


Proprietary eSignature


Unmatched data security & integrity

Guided Employee Experiences

End-to-end employee experiences

Mobile-first access anywhere, anytime

Self-service for full configuration

Seamless workflow orchestration

Intuitive, IT-friendly APIs

Actively reduce employee churn with intentional onboarding.

Our team of experts are equipped to tackle your churn rate head-on.