Click Boarding and JazzHR Partner

It’s great to see that in our industry, solution providers aren’t just building software that help HR deliver better experiences, but partnering with others to bring a better experience to market. Case in point is our exciting announcement with our new partner, JazzHR. JazzHR’s recruiting software, combined with Click Boarding’s onboarding software are delivering an easier way for HR to deliver exceptional candidate experiences from application through onboarding.

The timeframe from when candidates apply to an organization through their first week on the job is critical. As candidates move through the hiring and onboarding processes, they don’t just expect, but demand a great experience with every step. If they don’t perceive it to be great, there’s a high likelihood they become a no hire. Let me rephrase – it cannot be a bad experience, it shouldn’t be an okay experience, it could be a good experience, and it should be an exceptional experience. It’s up to solution providers like us and JazzHR to help HR deliver exceptional experiences. It’s also our responsibility to give HR the ability to deliver it in an easy, scalable way to make it a reality (the Click Boarding promise).

Losing a new hire is not your only risk – you also risk losing customers when candidates have a poor hiring and onboarding experience:

  • 75% of your candidates are your customers
  • 72% of candidates who have bad hiring experiences share their stories online
  • 42% of candidates who have a negative hiring experience won’t be coming back to your brand, including as a customer

Here’s what our company leaders say about what this partnership will deliver:

“JazzHR has proven success in delivering high performance tools to SMBs – this partnership adds additional tools to their toolbox and extends the awesome candidate experience from recruiting all the way through onboarding and beyond.” – Christine Marino, Chief Revenue Officer, Click Boarding

 “The JazzHR and Click Boarding partnership empowers SMBs who often aren’t experts in the hiring and onboarding process – and are busy growing their businesses – easily attract and bring the best talent on board, keep them engaged after the offer letter is made and be confident in delivering a high-quality hiring experience.” – Pete Lamson, Chief Executive Officer of JazzHR

Check out the announcement to learn more about what we can do for you. If you would like to speak to someone, please reach out. We look forward to talking with you.