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Click & Lever Partnership

Streamlined for a Connected Experience

Recruiting, hiring and onboarding should be a cohesive and collaborative process, but unfortunately, it doesn’t always work that way. It does more than hurt HR’s productivity. When a candidate goes through a disconnected hiring process, they feel disjointed and frustrated.

It’s a well-known fact in HR that new employees who went through a structured onboarding program were 58% more likely to be with the organization after three years. In addition, organizations with a standard onboarding process saw a 50% increase in new hire retention.

Lever’s recruiting software helps you attract, source, interview and hire candidates faster. Since hiring new employees is a group effort, the Click and Lever integration solution creates an easier, more enjoyable experience for new hires, hiring managers, HR and everyone involved.

Upping the Onboarding Ante

Mobile-first Guided ExperiencesMobile-first, guided
candidate experiences

A level of engagement your employees will thank you for.

Industry-leading security & complianceIndustry-leading security
& compliance

First-class data confidentiality. Across systems.

Consistent, convenient sign-on experienceConsistent, convenient
sign-on experience

One seamless login for true simplicity.

Seamless, solid downstream HRIS integrationsFluid, solid downstream
HRIS integrations

The HR tech ecosystem you’ve been seeking.

Extensive suite of robust APIsExtensive suite of
robust APIs

Connectivity that just can’t be beat. Throughout your funnel.

Lever helps companies grow their teams

  • We follow the values we respect: collaboration, transparency and humanity
  • We streamline recruiting to bring you the best talent faster
  • We create a better experience for talent leaders and candidates, with a strong diversity & inclusion

Lever’s integrated ATS and CRM platform in one

  • LeverTRM
  • LeverTRM for Enterprise
  • Lever Analytics
  • Advanced HR
  • Advanced Analytics
  • Advanced Automation
  • Advanced Nurture

Lever customers achieve strong ROI

  • Industry-leading recruiting software
  • 4,000+ company customers
  • >29M Lever candidates
  • Serving 60 countries worldwide
  • Extreme focus on diversity and inclusion with a 50:50 corporate gender balance

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