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Form I-9 & E-Verify

Form I-9 & E-Verify

Digital, intuitive and smart form captures are easy with Click.

A fully integrated, configurable model

Click Boarding’s Form I-9 technology automates the completion, signature, storage and tracking of Form I-9 documentation. Candidates can complete Section 1 within the onboarding workflows organizations design, from any device.

  • Our seamless integration allows your team to access I-9 Section 2 and E-Verify – without the hassle of leaving the Click Boarding Admin Portal. Simply review, add documentation, e-sign and submit the (optional) E-Verify process directly within the Click Boarding platform.
  • We offer multiple options for Section 2 completion, both in-person and remotely. Capabilities such as designate workflows or notary networks provide the flexibility you need to manage your workforce and stay compliant.
  • Our full-service offering allows you to perform reverifications and terminations as needed. You can even automate alerts to keep you well ahead of expiring documents. And rest assured, Click Boarding’s Implementation Consultants will guide you through the registration and implementation process. Because your success is our top priority.

Proven Form I-9 & E-Verify Benefits

Data security
Record retention & purging

Continuous updates
System alerts & notifications

Flexible options
Form I-9 & Form I-9 with E-Verify

Monitoring & compliance
Verification process oversight

Service & support
Timely response from highly trained professionals

Leave Form I-9 worry behind

Remove paper and eliminate redundancy from the entire onboarding process by making form captures like I-9 and E-Verify digital, intuitive and progressively smarter at every turn.

Form I-9 Compliance tracks any changes for seamless software updates on the fly. That way, you’ll always see the latest version right when you login, and you’ll never miss a deadline for added peace of mind. Whenever possible, Form I-9 Compliance even provides notifications via Click Boarding for all upcoming changes.

Additional compliance services available from Click Boarding:

  • Notary – We will provide a notary network for remote hires directly within the software.
  • Auditing & remediation – We will examine a client company’s documents as a preventive measure against a Federal audit.
  • Imaging – We will convert the client’s existing Form I-9/E-Verify records into a secure, searchable database.
  • Consulting – Our partners will provide specialized expertise to identify challenges and solutions.
  • Migration – We offer the migration of existing I9s into your system via the use of a FI9C as a source of truth to manage employee I-9s.

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