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eBook: How to Get Onboarding Right

eBook: How to Get Onboarding Right


With 28 percent of new hires quitting in their first 90 days (most because of poor onboarding practices), everyone agrees onboarding is a crucial period for employers as well as employees.

New hires are looking for validation that they made the right decision. Their employers want the same. Unfortunately the window of time an employer has to motivate new hires, get them engaged, and make them successful team members is limited. 90% of employees make the decision to stay in the first six months – wasting valuable time, effort, and productivity if they choose to leave.

To be competitive, employers must make the most of onboarding to increase an employee’s comfort level and shorten their runway to full productivity.

Onboarding, however, isn’t only about an employee’s first 90 days. It’s about employee retention and engagement throughout the employee lifecycle. In other words, internal hires need onboarding too! Starting a new role is stressful whether an employee is changing roles, jobs, departments, or locations — or joining an organization for the first time. Learning new processes and adjusting to different expectations can be challenging and uncomfortable at any point in one’s career.

In this e-book, we’ll cover how organizations can create a successful onboarding experience that gives employees access to the information they need, increases their comfort level, and brings them into new cultures from day one in a new company or team.

An Ongoing Talent Strategy

Onboarding is a systematic and comprehensive approach to better employee experiences as they move from job to job. Not just as they enter the organization, but that’s a critical moment, too.

“Onboarding can be described as the direct bridge between the promise of new employee talent and the attainment of actual productivity.”
Strategic HR Review

When done right, onboarding gives employees the tools and information they need to become productive team members as quickly as possible. At the same, successful onboarding minimizes anxiety and increases comfort. It shows talent you care about their success with your business.

Getting Employee
Onboarding Right

  • Engagement before starting new job or role
  • Effortless forms compliance
  • Faster assimilation
  • Quicker time to productivity

Getting Employee
Onboarding Wrong

  • Employee anxiety that impacts performance
  • Disengaged employee
  • Frustrating HR forms
  • High turnover rate

Successfully onboarding employees to a company, department or role involves more than one method, one person, or one day. You need to connect employees to relevant people as soon as possible. You must make sure they understand the defined expectations of the job. Give them an overview of the company’s history, culture, and values as well as the processes and procedures that impact their work to help them connect quickly, and on a more meaningful level.

When employees connect on a personal level and have all the information they need, they feel more comfortable, engaged, and empowered. A well-designed and relevant onboarding process significantly affects employee engagement and retention.

Onboarding is a repeatable, strategic plan to:

  • Build trust and provide an avenue for open communication
  • Foster employee engagement and connectivity
  • Enhance job satisfaction and retention
  • Increase efficiency and productivity to accelerate business growth
First impressions matter.

First Days and Beyond

New hires aren’t fully invested when they start a new job. Onboarding gives you an opportunity to make an awesome first impression of the company and its culture. That foundation immediately validates a new employee’s career decision.

“Many new hires aren’t fully invested when they start a new job. A 2009 study by the Aberdeen Group of senior executives and HR staffing and recruiting functions found that 86 percent of respondents felt that a new hire’s decision to stay with a company long-term is made within the first six months of employment.”
SHRM favicon

Onboarding is undercapitalized, despite knowing employee satisfaction is essential for optimal talent retention. It’s a missed opportunity for companies to make an impact.

According to Gallup, only 12% of employees “strongly agree” that their organization does a great job of onboarding new hires.

For employees, career development is a primary driver of employee happiness. For the organization,  mobility leads to better cross-functional communication and retention of top performers — if mobility is done right. If the transition to a new team, department or location goes poorly, it can harm employee engagement, increase time to productivity, and keep employees from growing within the organization.

How can you create exceptional onboarding? Provide your people with:

  • A central location for important documents and easy form completion to help employees feel supported
  • The ability for both employer and employee to track progress
  • An engaging and personalized experience to make employees feel welcome and comfortable
999 %

Employees believe their org does a great job onboarding.

999 %

Employees not getting the experience they expect.

999 %

Chance employers can improve.

Create the Ideal Experience

The ideal onboarding experience bridges the gap between talent acquisition and talent management. It gets employees engaged, keeps them engaged, and relieves the stress and anxiety often associated with taking on a new role or position.

With Click Boarding you can create onboarding that:

Click Boarding personalizes the onboarding experience, guides employee self-service, and gives employees access to the documents and information they need, when they need it. At the same time employees have at-a-click information about company culture, job expectations, and the critical processes and procedures they need to feel comfortable, at home, and certain they’ve made the right career move.

SHRM found that employees are 58% more likely to still be at the company 3 years later if they have a structured onboarding process.

About Click Boarding

Click Boarding is an onboarding platform that takes the stress out of employees’ first days — and beyond. The platform delivers a guided experience that removes HR burdens and minimizes employee anxiety related to any transition or internal mobility, from being a new hire, to being promoted, to changing roles or offboarding.