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Retention has become key to success in today’s complex world. It starts the moment new hires say YES, and it never truly ends. Trust ClickRetain to build employee baselines and set the stage for ongoing engagement opportunities. 

Retention solution fully integrated into Click's employee engagement platform for easy access to candidates.

Put the power of science and data behind assessments to build employee baselines & set benchmarks.

Analyze insights & trends to improve engagement processes, ultimately impacting retention.

ClickEngage Application

Keep a pulse on employee sentiment with pre-packaged check points.

Intentional onboarding amplifies new hire excitement out of the gate for immediate affirmation. From there, comprehensive, science-backed surveys delivered at key intervals enable engagement for the long haul, driving commitment and loyalty. ClickRetain provides actionable insights in real time, uncovering trends to help you improve employee lifecycle experiences.

Click’s proven framework – the 3 “Is” – will help you build growth and retention amongst your greatest assets: your employees.


Communicate consistently as you focus on role clarity, cultural fit & re-affirming the new hire “yes.”


Transform enthusiasm into engagement as you prioritize human connections & ongoing development.


Introduce stickiness through motivation, recognition & fostering organizational commitment.

Are you ready to raise your employee retention rate?

Consider it done. We’re only a click away.

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